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Hey everyone! Another update from Kingsport, Tenn., is here. First, I want to reflect on some news I got this week. As many of you know, I was named C-USA Male Athlete of the Year. I was in shock when Coach Rock called me Monday. I never thought I would win an award outside of baseball. I want to thank all my coaches and teammates again for their unbelievable support.

As for Kingsport, it has been awesome, outside of the results. As a team, we have been struggling to put wins together. We lead the league in batting average, but we just can't seem to pitch and hit at the same time. Individually, I have performed decently, but not as good as I need to. I moved into the everyday lineup a few weeks ago and played 10-straight days before getting a day off. It is different in college in the fact we actually play every day. We have played 23 games and we have had one day off! I've recently had some extra days off because I was hit in the head with a pitch Tuesday night. I've missed the last few days as precaution and I am ready to get back in the lineup. This is the first road trip we have actually had to stay in a hotel, and I must say the hotels in college were much nicer. If you get a chance, look up the Innkeeper in Danville, Virginia. That is where I currently am, and it does not compare to the Hilton or Marriott that I got used to staying in on road trips at Memphis.

All in all, it's been a blast. I've been playing ball all day every day and I received a paycheck for it! Sometimes, I forget what day of the week it is because it's very repetitive, but I will never complain as long as I am playing this game and glorifying God by using the abilities he has given me. Also, I'm pleased to report that Drew Martinez, Phillip Chapman, and Ben Paullus are also doing very well early in their respective careers!

On a funny note, I have received the nickname of "batboy" from some of our pitchers because I had to select an XL jersey that is slightly too big for me, and my pants are not quite long enough. It's all in fun though and we can joke about it with no problems. I try to show up and play hard every day like I did at Memphis and I hope that takes me a long way in this game!

I cannot wait to return to Memphis at times this offseason to see everyone and hopefully catch up with some old friends and fans! Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger.

God Bless,
Chad Zurcher #3
Go Tigers Go!

P.S. Check out current Tiger Ford Wilson's moves! Drop him a comment on facebook or on twitter @fordwilson04

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