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Hello from Kingsport again! The season is winding down up here and we are in a very heated playoff race. With 18 games to go, we are two games back of the Elizabethton Twins for the western division wild card spot. You can always tell when it's getting late in the season and your team is succeeding because the manager starts getting very uptight, just ask Coach Rock, haha!

We have come a long ways in the last few weeks as a team. We sat at 10-18 only 22 games ago and it seemed as though we had a steep hill to climb. That's the good thing about pro baseball, playing every day and a lot of games so all we had to do was run off a few good streaks. We won eight-straight games at one point and then six-straight another time to get to where we are now at 26-24 by winning 16 of our last 22 games. It's been an enjoyable ride and we are trying to finish strong.

One thing that I have noticed is the wear and tear that is taking place. My teammates and I that came from college have now played over 100 games since the end of February. For most of us, this is the first time we have had to grind it out day in and day out for that many games. The offseason will be a welcoming time for all of us, especially so I can hit the weights hard and put on the necessary weight to be successful and prevent my body from wearing out.

I have fully recovered from being hit in the head and have been back in the lineup, though I wish I could start more. At this level however, it's about playing hard when your number is called and hope things work out. The results haven't been what I would hope for every day, but even the manager has told me the little things like hustle don't go unnoticed. My first game back from the injury was one of those every player wants to forget. It was just one of those days where nothing went right. It was hard and depressing even though I hadn't played in three weeks, but I learned from it and all I could do was bounce back. Everything happens for a reason and I knew God was testing me to see how I would react. It was an awesome lesson to be able to learn from in my first year here.

Coach Rock, Carol, and Bret came up for a game last week so that was exciting, but unfortunately I wasn't in the lineup that night! We had some good talks about the team this next season, and it's going to be exciting. It was also a little sad to realize I won't be a part of that team. I'm excited to go visit and hopefully help out though. Coach Rock also informed me that Ethan (Gross) asked to be No. 2 after last season too. I was shocked by that and it's an honor for little things like that to happen. Who better to wear it than "Always Steady" anyways? Once again, thanks for reading and God Bless! Jeremiah 29:11

Go Tigers Go! Beat the Bulldogs on September 1st!
Chad Zurcher

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