Practice #8, Aug. 12, 2011

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Andy Summerlin and Taylor Reed

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The Tigers rolled through practice eight at the Murphy Athletic Complex, and while it was still 95 degrees, it felt pleasant compared to other days of camp so far.

Coach Larry Porter wasn't as pleased with today's practice, but is looking forward to tomorrow's scrimmage at the Liberty Bowl to start seeing position battles play out in more of a live game scenario.

"It wasn't as crisp as the last two days, but there were some good things," said Porter. "We had some guys made some plays in the redzone, and on third down, I thought the defense held firm."

When questioned about what he wants to get out of tomorrow's scrimmage, Porter indicated that he would like to see how much the team has grown over the nine days, and also is expecting to heavily evaluate the quarterbacks during this workout.

"It is time to truly start molding this team," said Porter. 'We have spent nine days together. We have seen some good things and we have seen some not so good things but overall, I have been pleased with the progress. "

Porter has also said that over the last four days, the quarterbacks have really grown. There are four guys in the hunt right now, and none have taken a snap in a game for the Tigers. Andy Summerlin and Will Gilchrist both have more experience with the Tigers, while Taylor Reed has come in as a true freshman and is making a strong case for playing time. Also in the mix is Skylar Jones, who transferred in from Wake Forest.

"Now, set the coaches on the sidelines, and let's see where they really are," said Porter. "We need to see how well they make decisions, how well they manage the offense and overall, how productive are they."

"One of the other positions that we have to settle with the quarterback is our wide receivers," added Porter. "We have a number of guys competing and a number of guys with talent but I don't think there is any one guy who has separated himself. I have seen flashes from a lot of different guys, but the day to day flash of stability and a high level of productivity, I haven't seen as much as I would like."

When asked about how hard camp has been and how he keeps the players from "hitting a wall" during this time, Coach Porter indicated that the team is handling things very well through the first nine days.

"They had a great summer, but even in today's practice tensions are starting to grow and guys are starting to push and shove a little bit more but in terms of hitting a wall, the things I look for are body language," explained Porter. "I hadn't seen that. I know the guys are working extremely hard and are pushing themselves as well. The thing that I find the most fortunate is our injuries are very limited, and that is critical. If we can sustain that for the rest of camp, we will really come out on the plus side of things."

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