Spring Practice #10, March 24, 2012

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Photos From Today's Practice

The Tigers spent the better part of today's practice on a scripted situation scrimmage that again saw the defense dominate the offense.

"The defense did a great job today," said Coach Justin Fuente following today's practice. "The defense beat up on the offense in every drill. The real discouraging part about the offense is that we cannot rebound. We don't have the confidence or toughness to rebound when things don't go very well."

Watch more of Fuente's comments about today's practice in the video below.

The Tigers have five more practices remaining in the spring session, including the Blue-Gray Game at the Liberty Bowl on March 31 at noon.

Fuente spoke more in depth about the offense and what he is seeing right now this spring.

"We had several instances where we should have had some good, easy plays, but we were unable to execute them," explained Fuente. "That is one of my biggest disappointments. That, coupled with our inability to bounce back. When we've got it, we have to make it. Offensively, we need to find a little bit of swagger."

Offensive linemen Jordan Devey and A.J. Antonescu, and corner Taurean Nixon talked earlier about the progress the team is making throughout the spring with the new coaching staff.

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