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The Last Five Minutes with Tara Telford

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Preseason has started once again. Here we all are, some of us finishing our fifth preseason and rounding off our time at Memphis, and some just beginning our first week of a long, successful career as a Tiger. Although preseason is a word that all of us cringe when we hear, truthfully, I remove it from my vocabulary for 11 months a year, it is really a great time to shape and discover yourself as a player, and us as a team. What we endure during the month of August is something that 99% of people will never be able to relate to. We push our bodies beyond their capability, and push our mental toughness to its full capacity. We have no life in preseason outside of soccer. We literally eat, sleep, and play soccer. Yes, we sacrifice half our summer to coming back to school early, we sacrifice sleeping in to practice at 6am, we sacrifice our bodies to 300-yard shuttles, we sacrifice our social lives by staying in a hotel disconnected from the outside world, but in the end, all these sacrifices are well worth it, as they add up to a chance at winning our fifth-straight championship.

The Last Five Minutes with Lizzy Simonin

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Preseason is almost three weeks away. Let me repeat, PRESEASON is almost three weeks away. Coming in as a freshman three years ago, I was scared out of my mind to say the least. Now, being a senior, I am excited and anxious to be back in Memphis for my final year of what I love doing the most. I think I can speak for the seniors (and our two red-shirt seniors Mel and Snake) that we want to go out with a bang this year. And it starts out with all the hard work we've been putting in this summer.

The longest preseason of my life is over. The first week I thought I would die, the next couple were a bit of a blur, and the last few, I have been mostly conscious and functioning. This last week has been busy with practices (still two a day), appearances, interviews, meetings, and all of the excitement surrounding the first game. We play Boston at home in our beautiful big stadium on a Saturday night. I have no idea how many people will be here, but I think last year they had about 6,000 fans come out for the home opener. The grass is really nice on the field, the weather should be perfect to play soccer in, so it's a good deal for everyone.

Women's Soccer Blog # 9 - Vendula Strnadova

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Soooooo...... Guess what? We won! AGAIN! We came "back 4 more" and got some more. Memphis wins the CUSA Tournament for the fourth year in a row. Crazy huh? But, rewind real quick to the week before.

Women's Soccer Blog #8 - Lizzy Hildebrandt

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Hard to believe that the regular season is over, but here we are, reaching the end of our season. We had our last regular season game on Thursday, senior night, against UAB. Feels like deja vu? Last year we were in a similar position going into the final game of the season on senior night against UAB. It was a huge game because if we won, we clinched second in C-USA, earning ourselves a bye in the tournament. We knew UAB was going to come out hard and give it their all because they needed the win to even make it into the tournament.

Women's Soccer Blog #7 - Tarah Kerr

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Our last home weekend has come and gone. Can regular season really be ending this Thursday? This week at practice had its ups and downs. We ran "Denvers" on Tuesday, worked on offense on Wednesday, and came together Thursday for walk through and corners. This season has been unpredictable in regards to where teams have been in the standings. Teams like Houston and Rice, who didn't make the tournament last year, were atop the standings for a good portion of the season. As a team, we knew what was on the line this weekend and what winning both games could do for us.

Women's Soccer Blog #6 - Christie Kline

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So far, this season has, for the most part, tested every single person's character. We have been through some tremendous highs and lows. Great wins, tough losses, and a couple of heartbreaking ties. But through it all, we have become stronger players, teammates, and people. We have learned that we are going to face adversity, but it's how we deal with it that makes us better and shows true character.

Women's Soccer Blog #5 - Tara Telford

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Well here we are, already on the 5th Women's Soccer Blog, which leads me to wonder, where has all this time gone? Although time is technically a constant, I don't really believe that to be true. When you're up one goal in a game, time always decides to slow down and the last 5 minutes seems to drag on forever. When you're out on the field playing the game you love, time seems to speed up, and 90 minutes sometimes just flies by. The latter of the two is where I am at right now. I am currently a Junior in college, which means after this year I only have one year left of my degree, and my college soccer career. It feels like just yesterday that I was living in Rawl's Hall, and was a "youngster" on the Memphis soccer team. Not only is my time in college flying by, but my Junior season is as well. As of right now, we have played 74% of our regular season, with only five games left until conference tournament. Five games? Seriously? Once again, time decided to change its pace and make this season fly by. We've experienced so much this season, and despite adversity, we've made it this far. Through screaming SLU crowds, to altitude changes in Colorado, to "Bomb" celebrations (no pun intended) against LSU, this season has seen a rollercoaster of events. Over the past week, we've continued to hit our highs and our lows, and our rollercoaster ride has not yet ceased.

Women's Soccer Blog #4 - Laura Laufenberg

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Happy October, everyone! The leaves are changing, temperatures are FINALLY dropping, and the season is already halfway done. The past couple weeks have been filled with hard work, high altitude, a huge win, Memphis football, a tough loss, airport delays, team meetings, a gut-wrenching tie, family, and a much needed W to put us back in the right direction.

Women's Soccer Blog #3 - Elise Kuhar-Pitters

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Well, here it is. The third blog and we have made it out of yet another preseason! It was hard, but we came together as a team and found a way to get through it. It's September now and the next challenge is to balance our rigorous class schedules on top of practice. Coming from two-a-days, where all we did was eat, sleep and play soccer, to now sitting in class then going to practice is a difficult transition at first; especially if you have an 8 o`clock like I do :(. However, like all things, we find a way to manage and make it work.

Women's Soccer Blog #2 - Lizzy Simonin

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My third preseason is coming to an end! I don't know whether to be excited or sad. Preseason is all about team time and bonding with my teammates. My teammates have become my family away from home and I love being around them. I am always so anxious to get back to Memphis from summer break because I miss the girls so much. Now that preseason is ending, we will be able to get into a routine which includes school (which always comes first), soccer practices, weights, study hall, friends outside of soccer, homework, and games on Fridays and Sundays! All the hard work and pain we put ourselves through preseason will help us in the end as we look to become conference champions the fourth time in a row.

Jeff Brightwell's Blog -- 2010-2011 #5

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Our first football broadcast is getting close and I've been spending the last week testing phone lines at various locations to get ready. The new "Tiger Lane" looks better every time I go out to the Liberty Bowl.

Jeff Brightwell's Blog -- 2010-2011 #4

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Sports season starts tonight for Memphis when the Women's Soccer team goes to Bowling Green, Kentucky to face WKU in an exhibition match. I'm looking forward to watching this group of Tigers in their quest for a fourth straight conference championship.

Well, it's official--we're seniors! It seems like just yesterday we were incoming freshmen and now we're entering our last year. Since our freshman year we've been breaking records and winning C-USA Championships, but this year there is an even greater task at hand. With every team in the conference gunning for us, we're out to win it again, but not just stop there.

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