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Our Nationally-ranked dance team began in 1974 and has won 11 National Championships, including one in 2007. This squad one of the most sought after teams in all college dance programs. The squad is showcased at home basketball and football games providing the crowd with timeout routines and halftimes.

The dance team training consists of cardiovascular, strength, dance technique, pom and hip hop classes.

One purpose of the tryout is to select a group who possess the best mastery of pom, jazz, and hip hop. A second purpose is to determine the best representatives for the University of Memphis. During tryouts, a panel of judges and specialists in this field will make cuts until the final team is selected. The format of the tryout covers three mandatory days of clinic, where skills and routines are taught. Participants will also showcase a home routine (1 minute) on the final day.

Advance execution of kicks, split leaps, triple/quadruple pirouettes, switch leaps, fouettes, toe-touches, and flexibility are required skills for this squad.

Clothing for the tryout clinics are long/short sports bra and shorts. No loose-fitting clothes are allowed. Knee pads are suggested. NO JEWELRY!

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