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Our mascot, Pouncer, is a regular sight on the U of M sidelines and basketball courts. He is responsible for performing various skits and stunts throughout the game day as well as community functions and events.

Candidates are chosen based on their ability to perform various skits, including improvised/choreographed material. The mascot must be able to attend all home football, basketball and a selection of volleyball and baseball games. Pouncer also travels to tournament games and a few away football games.

Why Tigers?

University of Memphis Pouncer Tryout Requirements

"Pouncer" tryouts are based on three main categories. The first category is three group-training sessions worth 35 % of the final score. In addition, you will have an interview worth 15% of the final score and a self-prepared skit worth 50% of the final score.

The training session will consist of three meetings in which the participants will do such activities as learn the "Pouncer" character traits, public appearances in costume, and practice in costume.

The following list of roles is recommended to apply to all skits for the tryouts:

1. Skits will be no longer than two minutes.
2. No electric, gas powered, or motorized props allowed.
3. NO mini tramps of any kind.
4. Skits must be of family entertainment quality.
5. Two minute set-up and removal of props.
6. Performance area must be left in same condition after skit.

Crowd Appeal 15
Creativity 15
Animation 5
Enthusiasm 5
Prop Usage 5
Comprehension 5

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