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The Point System

Where the priority to purchase tickets or determination of seat location specifies use of the point system, cumulative points will be computed as follows. Points are cumulated on an account basis. Points are not transferable.

1. Continuous years of purchase of season men's basketball tickets

  • Three (3) points per year back to 1964

    2. Continuous years of purchase of season football tickets

  • Three (3) points per year back to 1965

    3. Continuous years of purchase of season women's basketball tickets

  • Three (3) points

    4. Continuous years of purchase of season men's baseball tickets

  • Three (3) points

    5. Donations to the Tiger Scholarship Fund and Athletic Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Two (2) points per $100 on a cumulative basis for all donations. Points for company "matching gifts" will be awarded to the individual employee/donor unless the company specifies differently or restricts its donation to non-athletic purposes. In the spirit of a matching gift program and to encourage employee contributions, IM employees will receive double points for their contributions. Fractional points are not used. (Note: Tiger Scholarship Fund membership or level is not based on donations to the Athletic Scholarship Endowment Fund.)
  • Beginning with the 1987-88 season, basketball season ticket purchasers were permitted to retain their priority seating locations in the Mid-South Coliseum if required donations were made. Those purchasers who had continuously purchased tickets since 1969-70 season and before were permitted to retain their seating locations without making donations. Those purchasers exempt from the donation requirement will be awarded points as if they had made the donation required for the three years involved.

    6. Continuous years as a Tiger Scholarship Fund member

  • Three (3) points per year (Tiger Scholarship Fund started in July 1992)

    7. Donations to the UM Foundation, Annual Fund, or other direct donations to The University of Memphis for non-athletic purposes.

  • Two (2) points per $100 value donated during the last year

    8. Current year member in an Athletic Support Group

  • One (1) point per membership (Highland Hundred and Rebounders)

    9. Letterman

  • Two (2) points

    10. Alumnus/Alumna

  • One (1) point

    11. UM Faculty and Staff

  • One (1) point
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