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TOM III To Celebrate 1st Birthday at FanFest Saturday


Aug. 27, 2009

Tiger fans have been curious about the newest member of the Tiger family, TOM III, and so we had a chance to catch up with the nearly one-year-old mascot and put together some quick facts with the help of Tiger Guard chairman Scott Forman. Fans are encouraged to come out and celebrate TOM's first birthday at FanFest on Saturday from 3-5 p.m. at Echles Field on the U of M campus.

Full Name: Tigers of Memphis III

Nickname: TOM

Birthday: August 31, 2008

Birthplace: Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue & Educational Center in Rock Springs, WI

Names and Weights of Parents: Thor-650, Vixie, 400

What species of Tiger is TOM? Bengal

Any famous Tiger relatives? No famous ones. Father Thor, mother Vixie, brothers Memphis (white tiger) and OJ, are all living happily at Wisconsin Big Cats.

Current weight? About 180 pounds

Eye color? Gold (they're pretty much all the same unless it is a white tiger)

Favorite Toy? Football...he destroys them regularly

Favorite Food? Beef, beef, and more beef

What's a typical day's diet? Currently about 4.5lbs of beef a day, while growing he will eat about 3% of his body mass per day. On any given day he might also enjoy pigs ears, a cow leg bone, a horse neck bone, a block of ice, a scoop of ice cream, or a few marshmallows.

Favorite spot outside? In the pool

Width of paws? 6 inches

Length of Tail? 30 inches

Any unique markings? TOM has two symmetric stripes that run lengthwise down the base of his tail. Tiger stripes almost always run across the body rather than lengthwise, so these are very unique. TOM's father and two bothers also have this unusual mark.

First Tiger Football Game? Memphis vs. UCF, Nov. 22, 2008

How long until considered full grown? About 3 years for his frame, though he will continue to gain weight.

How much is he expected to weigh when full grown? 600-ish

A few fun facts about TOM:

1) TOM's stripes are like a two sets of Tiger stripes are exactly the same...and if you were to shave TOM of his coat, his skin is striped as well.

2) TOM is very quick, but only for short distances. Tigers hunt by stealth and "pounce" rather than chasing down their prey.

3) TOM is very gentle and affectionate with those he knows and trusts.

4) TOM will act embarrassed when scolded for bad behavior.

5) Unlike most cats, Tigers love water and are proficient swimmers. TOM will actually hold his breath and go under water to retrieve a toy or a treat.

TOM III Photo Gallery


For more information on TOM III or to help support the Tiger Guard, which cares for TOM III, click here

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