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May 7, 2008

Entry No. 8

So senior day did not go as planned! Our game got rained out on Sunday so Melissa (Nance) and I did not get the normal senior day like most do. We got to slip and slide on the tarp, which actually made our senior day one of the most memorable days. Slip and sliding on the tarp is one of those things I have always had an urge to do on a rainy day and have never been allowed to. The coaches got me and Nance some flowers and a picture box with some action pictures of both me and Melissa. The girls got us a framed picture with some action shots as well as flowers and made us some really neat signs. The announcer read out the script that had been written for each of us and both Melissa and I ran and slid into home with coach Thees. It was really neat and on the plus side I got to spend the rest of the day with my family that was in town before they had to leave.

We had two days off early in the next week due to finals. We then left for our last conference series in Tulsa. We were flying and left for the airport at 12:30 in the morning. There were some bad storms that came into Memphis on Friday and caused our flight to be cancelled. We originally thought we were going to get a bus and bus to Tulsa, but then they told us we would have to sit in the airport and wait for the bus for four hours. So Coach Thees went to see if there was another flight we could take to get there. Coach got us on another flight with another airline that left at 7:20 that night. It was delayed of course, and then we had to have a layover in Dallas that was two hours. We finally got to Tulsa at 12:30 Saturday morning. Twelve hours in an airport was a rough day.

We got back to Memphis on Sunday night with a pretty uneventful trip a lot better than the way there. We turned right back around and headed to conference on Tuesday. We left on a bus for Houston at 11:00 in the morning. We were on a bus for 12 hours and eventually ended up in Houston at 11:00 p.m. We had an 8:00 am practice this morning and then came back to the hotel.

Kimmi (Hayden), Heather (Mott), Leila (Dolfo) and Tori (Gross) went with two-three girls from each other team to visit children at a school and the rest of us were free until the conference banquet at 7 p.m.

The banquet went well. We got a few honors. Kimber (Bossom) and Maddie (McKinley) made the freshman team. Leila made second team and I made the C-USA academic team.

We start the single elimination tournament in the morning at 9:00 against UAB so I am going to say goodnight now and I will let you all know how the game goes in the morning.

Go Tigers!!!!

April 24, 2008

Entry No. 7

So I am really sorry it has been a really long time since my last entry. Things have been a little crazy trying to finish up all of my school work before the end of the semester. Today is study day so all that is left is finals. So I have missed a lot since the last time I wrote.

After we swept UTEP we went to Tennessee-Martin for a middle of the week doubleheader. We took two from them on Wednesday and headed back the same day. We had a five game win streak going. We were home that weekend against Southern Mississippi and we unfortunately ended our win streak with a loss in the first game of that series. We came back to win the second one of the doubleheader on Saturday though. Kimmi Hayden unfortunately hurt her arm during this series and was unable to play in two of the games.

During the next week we played Alcorn State at home and took two from them. Melissa Nance had a grand slam and we run ruled them in the first game of the doubleheader. There were a few people out of position for these games because Heather Mott was sick and Kimmi was still hurt.

We traveled to Orlando this past weekend to take on UCF. Kimmi was still unable to play and did not travel with us. There is a possibility she is out for the season. We left early Friday morning and got into UCF with time to go have an afternoon practice on their field. We did not fare so well against UCF and came home Sunday winless. During this series we also lost Heather for the season due to a fractured hand after she got hit with a pitch in one of the games on Saturday.

We were supposed to make up some games on Tuesday against Alcorn State in Mississippi, but they got cancelled. We play again this weekend against East Carolina in a three game series at home. It is our last home series of the year. It is family and senior weekend so a lot of us will be having family in town to watch. Sunday after our third game of the series there will also be a home run derby! I can't wait. We get to go against the coaches!!!

Well hope to see everyone out there this weekend it should be a lot of fun!! GO TIGERS!!!

April 6, 2008

Entry No. 6

This week we traveled to Nashville on Tuesday to play Tennessee State on Wednesday. We left after we had an indoor practice on Tuesday due to rain. We played Wednesday and unfortunately lost two. We traveled back that night.

We had two more indoor practices on Thursday and Friday due to the weather. The indoor practices did not seem to affect us too bad though because we won three this weekend against UTEP and got the sweep. The wins were our first in conference. It was such an awesome weekend.

We finished up our doubleheader on Saturday around half time of the Tigers Basketball game and we were all very anxious to watch. One of our managers', Christi Morrison, family tailgates for us after the games sometimes, so they made us food. Our other manager JJ's (Jessica Jones) dad had his RV there with a TV so we all watched the Tigers win together at the field.

Not much else to write about right now. We are all just really happy with this weekend and are hoping to keep the streak going on into the next week. One last thing I need to say is hey to Jenna Kubesch!! We all miss you!!

Go Tigers!!!

March 30, 2008

Entry No. 5

With no middle of the week games last week we had three good full practices before we flew to Houston on Friday. Two of our freshmen had a nice home coming this weekend. Kim Sirman and Kimber Bossom are both from the Houston area.

When we got in on Friday we went get in a light practice at Kim's former high school. After that we went to Kim's house in Sugarland, Texas, to have a really good dinner. Her parents had some Mexican food catered in for us and we had a nice dinner with her and Kimber's families.

We finished up there and made it back to our hotel in time to watch Memphis play in the Sweet Sixteen. We all wished we could have gone and seen it since we were so close right here in Houston, but it was good just to see them win!

We played a doubleheader with Houston yesterday and did not do as well as hoped. We got another shot at Houston today and lost, but played a lot better! We out hit them, but they outscored us. We left the field hurrying to make our flight and got to catch the end of the basketball game! Go Tigers!! Final Four here we come! Sorry to Mr. Rowan on Texas losing, but we are all very happy bout it!!! There is not much else to write about since my last one, so I hope this is enough for now. Talk to y'all soon!!

Go Tigers!!!

March 24, 2008

Entry No. 4

Leaving South Carolina was a bit of an experience last Sunday. We went to the airport after our games on Sunday and were a little earlier than usual, but we then had to wait some more because our plane was delayed a little bit. Once we arrived in Memphis our bags came out pretty quick and we had a bus waiting for us which is not always the case. The bags sometimes tend to take awhile. On our way back to our cars in our bus, for some reason I am not sure what, our bus broke down on the side of the road. We had to sit there on Prescott for about 20 minutes until a man came and did something and our bus was up and running again and we were on our way to our cars after a very long week of games!

So of course last week we had more games cancelled due to rain! We have had very few home games this season and we had a chance to have one last Wednesday against Wichita State but it rained a lot Tuesday night and our field was just not ready to play on come Wednesday. We were all bummed because we were really ready for a home game.

We traveled to Birmingham this week on Thursday to play a rare Friday, Saturday doubleheader with UAB because of the Easter holiday on Sunday. We played a night game on Friday and a doubleheader Saturday. We turned right around and game home after the games Saturday night so that we could spend Easter in Memphis with our families and friends. (We really missed our SID Brandon on this trip it just was not the same without him, but he had to stay home with his wife who was sick! I hope she is feeling better!)

This week is one of the only weeks we do not have a middle of the week game so we will be able to get in a good full three practices before we travel to Houston next weekend. I want to thank everyone who reads my blogs! I have gotten a lot of great compliments on them!! This one for you Mr. Rowan!!


March 15, 2008

Entry No. 3

Sorry it has been so long since my last entry, but we have been pretty busy with games recently. Our spring break did not go quite as planned. We were supposed to finish up the weekend with our first conference games against Marshall, but due to the six inches of snow we got in Memphis we couldn't! Since I am from Phoenix this was only the second time I have seen snow actually fall and it was definitely the most snow I have ever seen. It was pretty cool actually, but I wish it would not have postponed our games. The games got moved from Saturday to Sunday originally. When Sunday came around though, the fields were still unplayable because of ice in the outfield so we only got to play two games on Monday rather than getting the usual three games in for conference.

This week has been pretty hectic for most of us. Many of us were only able to go to class on Tuesday of this week. The games on Monday were unexpected and none of us planned on having to miss class but did. Then we traveled to Huntsville, Alabama early Wednesday morning to play a doubleheader with Alabama A&M. We turned right around after those games and headed back to Memphis. We got back around 11:30 PM Wednesday night and got right back up to leave for South Carolina the next morning. The bus left from the parking garage at 7:30 AM. We got to South Carolina pretty early on Thursday afternoon. Because we had some time to kill we went for a team "fun" run and then went to a movie later on.

We are in South Carolina right now! We played two games yesterday and went 1-1. We were supposed to have two games today, but due to weather again some of our games were cancelled. We started a game this morning against Vermont and were up 3-1 in the top of the fifth when there was lightening and the game got called. We were told to wait it out and see if we would be able to get any games in today, but the storm that hit was pretty big and we are not going to be able to finish the game today. So now we are just sitting in the hotel room, doing some school work and trying to kill time. We are going to finish the game in the morning and play one more before we head back to Memphis tomorrow night.

March 3, 2008

Entry No. 2

This spring break our team has 11 games in eight days. The first part of our spring break started off with a trip to ninth ranked Oklahoma. We took a charter bus there because there was no hurry to get back on Sunday since we did not have class on Monday. The bus trip was eight hours. We played North Texas and Oklahoma twice. The games did not go as well as hoped, but it was a good experience and a good trip.

Saturday night after our games we went to eat at On The Border. We sat in a large group of about 20, which we usually don't do, and as you can imaging things didn't go very smoothly. It just took a long time because there were so many of us, and unfortunately, there were some mix ups when the food did come out. Some people got the wrong things and sadly my roommate Sara (Schneider) never got her meal!! She filled up on chips and dip though so she was okay!

Leila Dolfo's bruise

Leila (Dolfo) got hit in arm this weekend a huge bruise formed that took over her whole arm.

We head out again tomorrow on another bus trip to Alcorn State. It is a day trip. We leave in the morning, play two games and turn right around and come back. We have our first home games at the Park Avenue campus field on Wednesday against Central Arkansas. These games were originally scheduled for a couple weeks ago, but got rescheduled due to weather. It is going to be a little exhausting playing four games and traveling in the next two days, but we are all prepared and ready for it. We finish up our spring break with our first conference weekend against Marshall at home.

Along with this week being spring break, we also have five birthdays on the team. Our manager JJ (Jessica Jones) celebrated her birthday this past Saturday with her dad surprising her at our game. Monday is freshman Kimber's (Bossom) birthday, Wednesday is freshman Rayna's (McClinton) birthday, Saturday is sophomore Leigh's (Rowan) birthday, and Sunday is Senior Melissa's (Nance) birthday.

Look forward to hopefully seeing you at our home games this week and talk to you all soon! Go Tigers!!!

March 3, 2008

Entry No. 1

Hi everyone my name is Lindsay Kelso. I am currently in my second season with the Lady Tigers Softball team. I came here last year as a junior college transfer from Phoenix College in Phoenix, Arizona. I was born and raised in Arizona and Memphis is the first place I have lived outside of Phoenix. I love the South and Memphis.

I am in my senior year academically, and I am going to graduate this May with my bachelors in accounting. I have applied to go to graduate school here at the University of Memphis as well. I hope to get accepted and be able to continue on here and get my masters in accountancy here in Memphis.

I am currently living in a house with two of my teammates Sara (Schneider) and Tori (Gross). Last year I lived in Carpenter Complex with two of my other teammates Brittany (Gooch) and Leandra (Hines). Carpenter is the on campus housing where many of the athletes live. The majority of our team lives in Carpenter. We have six freshmen this year and all six of them are living there and getting the on campus feel without having to live in the dorm rooms!

I look forward to being able to share the 2008 softball season with you!


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