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Aug. 16, 2008

Halfway through camp and the motto is "energy". That's what coach West is preaching. For the past couple of days, that's what we have been doing and hope to keep it up till Ole Miss. As a team if we play with energy, we will be great :-D

Aug. 8, 2008

It was the first day in full pads and I can say that it was an intense day, but even though we were intense it was actually a bad day. I wouldn't really say it was bad but it was just butterflies that we had to get out. With a day of pads under our belt, I think that we are going to make progression towards our goal for the rest of camp.

Aug. 7, 2008

As the first week of camp is coming closer to an end, it has been fun. Well, besides the fact that we gotta wake up at 4:30 in the morning, it has been great. Everyone was pumped up and ready to go in the beginning of the week. But as the week went on, you could tell that we kinda lost a little get up but we still challenged ourselves everyday. We finally put on full pads on Friday, which well give us a little more life because we love to go at it. But Coach might hold us back. :)

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