Building for Today's and Tomorrow's Tigers

Hello Everyone! What a great time to be a Tiger!!

Never has the University of Memphis experienced the level of athletic and academic successes that we now enjoy. National acclaim has followed a groundswell of pride that has surrounded the school and community. We take great pride in the contribution Tiger Athletics has made towards a reinvigorated University community.

Academically, we are graduating more student-athletes. We are also meeting NCAA, C-USA and University of Memphis GPA standards at a higher rate than ever before. Cap and Gown will always be our top priority!

It is now time for Brick and Mortar! We are announcing our new building program "Building for Today's and Tomorrow's Tigers." This is a Capital Campaign that will launch us in to a brighter future! What follows are detailed plans to further enhance the quality of Tiger Athletics across a number of specific sports. In the exciting days to come, we would ask you to consider supporting these projects. Your private support, at any donation amount, is paramount to our continued momentum.

As we build for "Today's and Tomorrow's Tigers", we hope we can count on your support.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


R.C. Johnson
Athletic Director

National Committee Chairmen
Frank Flautt
Bill Morris
Mike Rose
Ron Terry