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Elma Roane

The Elma Roane Award

The Elma Roane Award was created in 1978 and named after the former women's athletic director at the University of Memphis. It is presented annually to the female student-athlete who possess drive, enthusiasm and determination, while maintaining a concern for others. Each nominee is nominated by their respective head coaches and then interviewed by the committee.

All-Time Elma Roane Award Winners

1978-79 Betty Booker, Basketball
1979-80 Jennifer Jones, Tennis
1980-81 Linda Street, Basketball
1981-82 Cindy Stoots, Volleyball
1982-83 Stacey Seamans, Tennis
Mary Trout, Gymnastics
1983-84 Amy Watson, Volleyball
1984-85 Renee Schafer, Golf
1985-86 Angela Glaub, Volleyball
1986-87 Ruth Ann Forsythe, Basketball
1987-88 Phyllis Richey, Volleyball
1988-89 Leslie Folsom, Golf
1989-90 Kori Gourley, Basketball
1990-91 Sarah Tjelmeland, Volleyball
1991-92 Freda Fields, Basketball
1992-93 Karen McGee, Basketball
1993-94 Sami Randolph, Volleyball
1994-95 Janice Neyens, Volleyball
1995-96 Heather Newlon, Basketball
1996-97 Regan Federick, Basketball
1997-98 Stephanie Long, Tennis
1998-99 Namia Ghileon, Golf
1999-2000 Christina Ladyman, Tennis
2000-01 April Harriman, Volleyball
2001-02 Lauren Jackson, Basketball
2002-03 Sabrina Lindemann, Tennis
2003-04 Roni Ruiz, Soccer
2004-05 Heather Watts, Volleyball
2005-06 Heather Woolls, Cross Country/Track and Field
2006-07 Christen Clayton, Volleyball
2007-08 Caroline Barrett, Soccer
2008-09 Maggie Leone, Soccer
2009-10 Brittany Baldwin, Soccer

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