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General Information

The University of Memphis Athletic Department supports and directs the Spirit Squads. The goals and objectives of the squads are:
1. To be exemplary representatives of the University of Memphis.
2. To appear at University activities, games, functions, programs and philanthropic events and represent the University at local, state, and national functions as well.
3. To raise the level of public support for the University.
4. To increase fan support at athletic events as cheerleaders, dancers, and mascots.

The U of M Spirit Program consists of a dance team (up to 30 members) and a coed cheer team (up to 15 males and 25 females) and up to two mascots (Pouncer). All squads perform at all home Football games, select away games, men's and women's basketball games, select volleyball matches, select baseball games and National competitions.

Squad members are expected to schedule their classes around the practice times determined by the Spirit Coordinator and coaches. All members must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and pass 12 hours per semester. Members must be available for summer camps, appearances, or anything that the University required the Spirit Squads to take part in.

The U of M provides spirit program student-athletes with uniforms, travel expenses, practice clothes, warm-ups, camps costs, competition fees, and other items to fulfill their duties and perform their best.

TOM III, which stands for Tigers of Memphis, is the live animal mascot of the University of Memphis, and has been for over 30 years. TOM III is also seen on the football sidelines and is part of the pre-game ceremony at football. Several members of the Tiger Spirit Squad ride in the specialized truck and on top of TOM's air conditioned trailer during the parade session prior to Tiger football games.

Pouncer is the animated mascot that roams the stadiums and arenas working the crowd into a frenzy. He is responsible for performing various skits and stunts throughout the game as well as representing the department at various community functions and events. Candidates are chosen based on their ability to perform various skits, including improvised/choreographed material. The mascot must be able to attend all home football, basketball and a selection of volleyball and baseball games.

Pouncer also has his own kids club operated through the University of Memphis Alumni Office called Pouncer's Pals. For the membership fee of $30, kids in the club receive a t-shirt, certificate, membership cards, multiple mailings throughout the season and special access to select athletic events and member-only functions.

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