Rifle Garners Four All-Conference Awards
Go Tigers! Beth Tidmore was named first team all-conference in air rifle and second team in combined score.
Go Tigers!
Beth Tidmore was named first team all-conference in air rifle and second team in combined score.
Go Tigers!

Feb. 28, 2005

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The University of Memphis rifle team garnered four Great America Rifle Conference awards following last weekend's competition in Oxford, Mississippi. Junior Beth Tidmore (Decatur, Ga.) was a first team all-conference honoree in Air Rifle and a second team honoree in Combined Score, and was named a Scholar Athlete.

Sophomore Katie Benjamin (Colchester, VT) was a second team honoree in air rifle.

The Tigers competed at last weekend's conference championships, placing second in the air rifle with a team score of 2,333, just 16 points behind air champion, Nebraska, which won with a 2349. Following Saturday's team competition, the top 10 individual shooters were chosen to compete for the individual title. Memphis qualified three shooters for the top 10 competition. Tidmore qualified from second place, freshman Krissy Bahnsen was sixth and Benjamin was 10th. All three Tigers would finish one place higher in the standings as Bahnsen would finish 5th with a 688, while Benjamin would finish ninth with a 683. Tidmore and Army's Chris Abalo would finish the regular competition tied at 692, sending the battle for the conference's individual title into a sudden death shoot-off. The duo would remain tied through four rounds, and Tidmore would score a 10 on her fifth shot, while Abalo would score a nine of his fifth shot, giving Tidmore the title.

On the second day of competition, the Tigers would finish seventh in the smallbore standings, firing a 2287, just three points shy of their year-high best score. The US Military Academy won the smallbore competition with a score of 2318, while Nebraska finished second with a 2314. Xavier was third in the smallbore competition with a 2307, while Kentucky and West Virginia rounded out the top five with a pair of 2304s. Kentucky would hit 128 bulls-eyes compared to 119 for West Virginia to determine the tie.



The Tigers will next compete in the NCAA Rifle Championships at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., March 11-12th. This is the first time in school history that the Tigers have qualified for the prestigious event as a team. Memphis will shoot in the air rifle division. In 2004, Memphis' Beth Tidmore qualified as an individual, and placed 16th in air and 14th in smallbore. Tidmore was also selected this season as an individual qualifier.

A total of 48 competitors were selected for the championships. The top eight teams in both the smallbore three-position and air rifle events were selected. The top 10 individuals in air rifle and the top 12 individuals in smallbore qualified for the individual championships.

Individual and team competitions in smallbore three-position (60 shots) will be held Friday, March 11. Individual and team competitions in air rifle (60 shots) will be held Saturday, March 12. The overall team champion will be determined by combining the smallbore and air rifle team totals into one aggregate score for each institution.

Great America Rifle Conference Results
Smallbore Standings
1.	US Military Academy, 2318 (124x)
2.	Nebraska, 2314 (117x)
3.	Xavier, 2307 (122x)
4.	Kentucky, 2304 (128x)
5.	West Virginia, 23-4 (119x)
6.	Mississippi, 2300 (105x)
7.	Memphis, 2287 (97x)

Smallbore Individual Scores Top 10 1. Chris Abalo, Army, 686 2. Vicki Goss, Kentucky, 683 3. Misty Chanek, Nebraska, 681 4. Paul Charbonneau, Army, 679 5. Hannah Kerr, Xavier, 675 6. Chris Boggs, Kentucky, 674 7. Daniel Ault, Xavier, 679 8. Amy Smith, West Virginia, 672 9. Lucas Lenberger, Army, 670 10. Jared Rinker, Kentucky, 664

Memphis Scores 18. Beth Tidmore, 577 27. Katie Benjamin, 573 30. Brian Phillips, 572 44. J.B. Vaughan, 565 45. Krissey Bahnsen, 565

Air Rifle 1. Nebraska, 2349 (166x) 2. Memphis, 2333 (159x) 3. US Military Academy, 2329 (151x) 4. Kentucky, 2328 (136x) 5. Mississippi, 2312 (134x) 6. Xavier, 2298 (121x) 7. West Virginia, 2272 (106x)

Top 10 Scores 1. Beth Tidmore, Memphis, 692 (50x) 2. Chris Abalo, Army, 692 (49x) 3. Andrea Franzen, Nebraska, 689 (46x) 4. Kristina Fehlings, Nebraska, 689 (45x) 5. Krissey Bahnsen, Memphis, 688 (46x) 6. Vicki Goss, Kentucky, 687 (41x) 7. Misty Chanek, Nebraska, 686 (37x) 8. David Amiot, Army, 686 (40x) 9. Katie Benjamin, Memphis, 683 (38x) 10. Shannon Wilson, Mississippi, 682 (33x)

Memphis Scores 1. Beth Tidmore, 692 (50x) 5. Krissey Bahnsen, 688 (46x) 9. Katie Benjamin, 683 (38x) J.B. Vaughn, 565 (25x)


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