Around the Horn With Darien Tubbs
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Dec. 2, 2013

D. Tubbs

Memphis will field a 2014 squad that features 11 newcomers. introduces you to outfielder Darien Tubbs as part of the Around the Horn series of question and answers with newcomers. 

Tubbs is a freshman outfielder from Cookeville, Tenn., where he played for Cookeville High School.

Question 1: Why did you choose to play for the Tigers?

Darien:  I loved the coaches. They made it seem like a second home. I enjoyed the campus and everything around it. 

Question 2:  What's been the biggest adjustment you've had to make to adjust to the college game?

Darien:  Probably working bunting into my game a little bit more. 

Question 3:  Whose your favorite MLB player, and why?

Darien:  Austin Jackson because his game resembles mine. He’s fast. I love the way he plays the game. 

Question 4:  If you didn't play baseball, what sport would you choose to play, and why?

Darien:  Definitely football. I would be a quarterback. I’m like Michael Vick, but not really.

Question 5:  What's your favorite thing to do when you're not on the field?

Darien:  Play Xbox. I play NCAA Football 14.

Question 6:  What's your favorite restaurant in Memphis?

Darien:  Central BBQ. Best barbeque nachos I’ve ever had in my life. 

Question 7:  How did you get started playing baseball?

Darien:  My dad was a professional baseball player. He played for the Cincinnati Reds. It just ran in the family. I wanted to continue the legacy to his name. 

Question 8:  What's your favorite TV show?

Darien:  I like SpongeBob (SquarePants). He’s funny. 

Question 9:  What would be your favorite walkup song?

Darien:  Maybe “All I do is Win” because I love to win. 

Question 10:  Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

Darien:  When I was in high school, I used to drink orange soda before every single game. 

Question 11:  What parts of your game are you trying to improve?

Darien:   Speed – working on bunting more and covering more ground in the outfield. 

Question 12:  What's your favorite thing about Memphis?

Darien:  Definitely the team. I love everybody. We’re like a family. I enjoy coming here every day and working with these guys. 

Question 13:  Who is the guy in the clubhouse that keeps it most upbeat?

Darien:  Ford (Wilson). He cracks me up. He keeps a smile on everybody’s face.

Question 14:  Nickname of your first little league team? 

Darien:  I think we were called the Cookeville Heat.

Question 15:  What non-athlete would you want to meet most and why?

Darien:  Sandra Bullock because she is very good-looking. 

Question 16:  If you could have one superpower which would you choose and why?

Darien:  Elastic arms. I can be laying down and reach over and grab the remote. I could do anything I want and be laying down.

Question 17:  At which store would you like to max out a credit card?

Darien:  Nike

Question 18:  What's the farthest you've been from home?

Darien:  New York

Question 19: What's the least favorite thing about yourself?

Darien:  I’m extremely short

Question 20:  Three people you'd invite to a dinner party?

Darien:  Jennifer Aniston, Drake and Katt Williams

Question 21:  If you were selecting movies for a bus trip what would you pick?

Darien:  Coach Carter

Question 22:  Most embarrassing song on your iPod?

Darien:  Baby by Justin Bieber 

Question 23:  Most played song on your iPod?

Darien:  Feds Watching by 2 Chainz and Pharrell

Question 24:  Can you dance?

Darien:  Of course. I can dougie.

Question 25:  Dream date?

Darien:  Jennifer Aniston only when she plays in We’re the Millers because she is very good-looking in that movie. 



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