Memphis Postgame Quotes
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Nov. 29, 2012

Memphis Head Coach Josh Pastner

Opening Statement

“I’m proud of the guys. It was a good win. I thought we had really good energy. The guys played hard and got after it. Everyone came in and was alert and energized.”

On sharing the basketball and the defensive play

“That was a big thing. That was something we didn’t do real well in The Bahamas. I pride ourselves on offensive efficiency in having over 50 percent of our made field goals assisted. I thought we played extremely unselfish and made the extra pass. That has been a staple of our teams here. I think through some of the things we did in practice helped that. Defensively, we had 77 deflections, which is terrific. Seven times, we had three stops in a row. We did a lot of different drills in practice to try and get three consecutive stops.”

On individual performances

“Shaq (Goodwin) did a nice job. I thought he had really good energy. Chris Crawford and Joe Jackson combined for 12 assists and two turnovers, which I was really proud of. We just had a good contribution from everybody.”

UT Martin Head Coach Jason James

On starting out confident and aggressive

“I didn’t think we were intimidated either. I thought we came to play. We came to compete, especially in the first part of the game. In the locker room, we talked about getting through that first media timeout. We knew it was going to be loud in here, and we knew for the starting lineups they would turn the lights out, and they would be jumping around and be very excited to play basketball. We wanted to get through the first media (timeout), and then see what happens. I thought we did that, and for the most part we weathered most of the storms until late in the first half.”

On what happened late in the first half

“I mean they just kind of wore us down, and they were able to share the ball. I thought they did a great job of sharing the basketball. Every time we got out to a shooter they were able to find the open man. They were getting open shots, and you just can’t give a team like this open shots to get rolling. Chris Crawford made a couple. He got rolling, and he made that one at the end of the half to kind of top off his good first half. We just weren’t getting out to shooters very well, and then offensively on the glass they were killing us.”

On young players playing poised

“Yeah, I thought they were poised. I mean we had some nerves going on in the locker room; just kind of underlying stuff. For the most part I thought they were under control. It always takes in a game like this a couple minutes for guys to just relax. Guys were breathing heavy. They were sweating real bad, and their hands were shaking. They just have to relax. I thought after we did that, we were alright again until the end of that first half.”

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