Memphis-Siena Post Game Quotes
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Jan. 3, 2008

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Memphis Postgame Quotes
January 3, 2008
Game 12

Siena (7-5) - 58
#2/2 Memphis (12-0) - 102

Memphis Head Coach John Calipari

Obviously, we shot the three better than we've shot the three. I just looked at our shots attempted. We took 72 shots. Sixty-five were either layups, post-ups or threes. That means if we're making threes, it's coming at you pretty fast.

I thought we defended again. I loved the fact that the guys on the bench performed. I said to them, `I don't care who the game is. When you get your minutes, get in there and perform and prove you should be playing more.' The advantage we have is that we can go 11 or 12 deep and that whoever we play is ready to help us. We have to build our confidence to comfortably say I'm putting that guy in the game. I'm not coaching them like they're playing against Siena. We want them to play like they're playing against us.

I'm happy for Jeff (Robinson). I didn't even know he had a double-double. The guys on the bench were saying they think he has a double-double. He is capable of that. He got second and third rebounds. He blocked shots. He played both ends, and he stayed up with the game. He ran. He was terrific. I'm happy for Willie (Kemp) and Doneal (Mack). Doneal still looks like he's a little out of sync. I'm really happy for Andre (Allen). You want them to feel good about their hard work and take pride in what they do.

We needed a game like this. This thing has been a grind for us. For us right now, we just have to smother defensively, come ready to play, play a lot of people and do the individual work. The guys want me to work with them individually. It's really enjoyable to me.

Siena Coach Fran McCaffery

Memphis' explosiveness is unlike anything you will see all year. The critical thing is how do you handle it if it's their pressure or their break or if it's their second shots? I think the thing from our prospective that's disappointing was, and it's often times the case, our answer was to quick shoot the ball. If you quick shoot the ball against this team, it's only going to get worse. You've got to keep them on defense for awhile and try to exploit them and try to take the ball to the basket and maybe get to the free throw line. Just keep them on defense for awhile, and that was what our game plan was. We did that for awhile, but then once they started pulling away then we fell apart with quick shots and gave them second shots.



They were just drilling three after three. This is not a three-point shooting team, and they made 15. This is a team that's typically a driving team

only thing that was disappointing was Chris Douglas-Roberts is a 48 percent three-point shooter. He doesn't shoot that many. He made his first two, and then we had to pay more attention to him. Then he made three more, and now he's five-for-five in one half. I mean, the kid's a first round pick, but you don't want him to go five-for-five in a half. At least you've got to get up on him and contest and try to take it away, and we didn't do that.

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