Memphis Basketball Postgame Quotes vs Cincinnati
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Jan. 4, 2014

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  Josh Pastner, Memphis Head Coach

Opening Statement:
"Cincinnati deserved to win that game. They straight-up out-played us today. It is hard to win a game when our guards shot they way they did today. Cincinnati made threes, and we did not. I always say that is a big thing, and it hurt us today. We did a better job on the glass in the second half. The 16 turnovers killed us, but we cannot shoot the way we did today and win basketball games."

On the play of the four senior guards:
"We went away from getting the ball inside to our big guys. This game was reminiscent of the Oklahoma State game where we had individual play. We had a lot of open looks, but when you miss that amount of shots from those guys, it sucks the live out of you."

"We have to get back to practice and be ready to go. There is no time to have a pity party because our schedule is getting tougher and tougher. We go on the road and play at Louisville and then at Temple. Those are going to be tough games, and we have a lot to work on before then. Our four senior guards have to play if we are going to win games. The big picture is that simple."

On moving forward:
"I told our guys that this is the American, and it is going to be tough. If they play the way we did today, then it is not going to work. We have to trust the process out there and play the way that I want them to play. We cannot let the defense get to us, and we have to play inside-outside basketball. Our guards were not sharp like I wanted. We have to do a better job when we travel to Louisville."

  David Pellom, Memphis Graduate Student Forward

On the loss:
"We are disappointed. Cincinnati is great team that just out-willed us. They wanted to win more than we did. We just have to get back to the basics, back to practice. We have a tough road game on Thursday against Louisville. We just have to bounce back."

On lessons learned from this loss:
"We can't let our opponents change our pace. That was our main focus. We played at Cincinnati's pace instead of us playing up-and-down-the-court basketball. Cincinnati slowed the game down."

  Chris Crawford, Memphis Senior Guard

On the loss:
"We definitely want to protect our homecourt, and we didn't do that. We just have to get back to the drawing board and get back to practice. We have to trust the process and keep doing what we are doing. We just have to do a better job next time."

On the physical play:
"Basically, we just didn't execute on the offensive end. We just looked bad offensively as a team."

  Joe Jackson, Memphis Senior Guard

On the loss:
"I felt like we played better first half and had the momentum our way. Things didn't go our way in the second half. We didn't get any shots to fall. All of us guards didn't play as well as we could have played. That's the basic reason we lost. We four guards just didn't get enough shots (to fall)."

On Cincinnati's adjustments:
"I felt, in the second half, that they made some adjustments. But it's a game to learn from. It's our first game where we played one of those (former) Big East teams, where they just crash the boards. It will just give us something to get better from. It is just one loss and we will get better. We practice too hard to not get better."

  Geron Johnson, Memphis Senior Guard

On not having shots fall in:
"I felt like we didn't knock down any shots. Any time you don't knock down shots, you make it really difficult to win the game. Obviously, we didn't knock down shots, and we took a double-digit loss. It's over now. I am going to go home, get some rest and get back in the gym tomorrow."

On Memphis' dependence on perimeter shooting:
"At some time, our shots (threes) are going to fall. It's simple basketball. If you check the stats, I think Chris Crawford is a 42 percent career shooter, Michael Dixon is at 45 percent, and Joe Jackson is at 48 percent. I was 35 percent last year."

  Mick Cronin, Cincinnati Head Coach

"Our defense was tremendous. Once we got (Joe) Jackson under control it made everything easier. Everyone knows how fast he is, but you do not truly know until you play him. We did a great job on stopping them. The key is adjusting to their speed, especially on the road, and we made the proper adjustments. We could not afford to turn the ball over, and we take a lot of pride playing on the road. We were able hold them to tough shots.

"I sure hope that the Memphis versus Cincinnati rivalry holds on since it was a great one in the past. I love playing in Memphis and hope that they bring a lot of fans when they visit us later on in the season.

"This was a big win for us and I think that there are few teams that win in the FedEx Forum. I heard the number of teams that have won here in Memphis and to be one of them is special."

  Justin Jackson, Cincinnati Senior Forward

"An ugly win is still a win, and we will take it any day of the week. We knew that Memphis was going to come out with the four guards, so it was not a shock to us. We have a four-guard offense, and I knew we were going to be able to get rebounds. They had not shot the ball well, so we have to cut out the layups out there in order to win the game. Any win in this conference is a momentum builder."

  Sean Kilpatrick, Cincinnati Redshirt-Senior Guard

"This is a huge win and we have to keep everything rolling. This is just a stepping-stone for us and we have to keep it going as we continue conference play."



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