Memphis vs. USF Postgame Quotes
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Jan. 26, 2014

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No. 23/22 Memphis (15-4, 5-2) 80, USF (10-10, 1-6) 58
Jan. 26, 2014
Memphis, Tenn. (FedExForum)

  Josh Pastner, Memphis Head Coach

Opening Statement:

We had great team basketball out there today. I love how we finished with 23 assists on 25 made field goals. We shared the ball very well, but did not execute with free throws. We did a good job defensively, holding them to 33 percent from the field and 30 percent from behind the arc. We were plus-four rebounding. This was a total team effort, and I thought everyone did a nice job.

I was proud of Michael Dixon Jr. He had five rebounds, and Shaq Goodwin had a double-double. Joe Jackson and Geron Johnson both had seven assists, with Chris Crawford adding five three pointers.  When you make three-pointers, it makes everything easier. I am very proud of my guys today, and the energy we brought.

On the team’s play:

We did a good job on moving the ball. Going back to our total number of assists, 23 on 25 made field goals.  When you share the basketball, shots are going to fall as they did today. I was happy to get our 15th win, and we have to keep playing well. South Florida is a big team, and I was proud of our defensive play from top to bottom.  Once again, a win is a win, and I never take them for granted.

On the team’s mindset:

Well, we had great energy, and if we have the right energy, we have a great opportunity to perform at a high level. The bottom line is our energy. We have got to be able to continue to play the right way, which is through the post. We have to continue to focus on the defensive end. It is all about our attitude and how we carry ourselves on the court. If we continue to do that, we can play at a very high level.

Treating every possession as if it were our last is very important. We are focusing on the strategic things, but it is about the energy and the passion that we bring. We can talk about the strategic things all we want, but we have to have the right focus every game. I believe you can win a lot of games in college by bringing the right energy and having the right focus.     

  Shaq Goodwin, Memphis sophomore forward

On Memphis finishing with 23 assists:

It was amazing. For the past couple of weeks, we have just been working on staying as a team and playing together. That is what we put out there on the court today.

On playing with energy:

That is just our game plan. If anyone knows Coach Pastner, you know he is strictly about energy so that is the first thing we talk about and the last thing we talk about every day.

On his own game:

I am just trying to stay consistent. I am trying to bring a lot of energy to the team and see how far we can go, so I am just trying to be consistent. I stay positive the whole game. That is what I try to do.

On the team’s mindset:

Mentally, we are at a good stage, but we could always get better. Going into Wednesday’s game, we are going into practice tomorrow and try to stay focused and keep our energy up.

  Geron Johnson, Memphis senior guard

On Shaq Goodwin’s energy:

I have seen a guy with a lot of energy and just playing basketball, having fun. It just so happened that everything is going his way, how he wants it too. When the tea m is following the lead of what he is bringing, we are hard to beat.

On his personal game:

If I feel like somebody else has a better shot than I do, I am going to give it to them. If something is not going right for me that day, I am definitely going to give them the ball. If you check the stats last year, Chris Crawford was hot last year, and I tried to give him the ball every time. I just go with the flow of the game.

  Chris Crawford, Memphis senior guard

On the team’s shooting:

We all have confidence. Nobody is holding the ball, everybody is moving the ball. I told them, our inside-out philosophy has been going very well.

  Joe Jackson, Memphis senior guard

On Shaq Goodwin’s performance:

He is coming in and doing what people expect of him. I expect him to play big. I think most of that comes from football, running up and down. He flies down the basketball court and it seems effortless because little bumps don’t mess with him.

On Chris Crawford’s performance:

That is something we expect from Chris -- to make shots. It is definitely going to help our team because they will see guys making shots.

  Stan Heath, USF Head Coach

On the game being close in the first half:

We were able to get the start we wanted on the road. I thought that was something that was really bothering us this year so far. I thought we did what we wanted to do and what we needed to do. We did a really good job on the boards and kept defensive pressure on them. I remember we were at the four-minute timeout and we knew we had to be really careful. Memphis is one of those teams that close out halfs on these runs. We had survived the beginning of the game with foul trouble, but  they (Memphis) went on that run, keyed off of those turnovers off the press. That started a wave of momentum.

On Memphis three-point shooting:

They’re not a statistically good shooting team this year, but you always have to be careful with the type of guys they have. Chris Crawford is a really great three point shooter and Joe Jackson is pretty good also. You always have to watch [Geron] Johnson and [Michael] Dixon Jr. They just haven’t done it consistently throughout the year.

On the Memphis defense:

We weren’t looking up the floor very well. We were getting our initial catch and immediately looking to retreat. Our sideline guy was wide open several times, but we just didn’t hit him. The pressure increased in the second half and a couple times we were just trying to force the pass or thread the needle. If you had told me we had 15 turnovers, I could have sworn it was 25. 



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