Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Feb. 2, 2013

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Memphis (18-3, C-USA 7-0) 94, Tulsa (12 -10, C-USA 4-4) 64 February 2, 2013 FedExForum (Memphis, Tenn.) Postgame Quotes

Memphis Head Coach Josh Pastner

Opening Statement

First and foremost, that was a good win. We had a good win, and our guys played well. It was a good 40 minutes of basketball against Tulsa, who I think is a good basketball team. They are well-coached, they have good players, and I think Coach Manning does a really good job. That is a good win for us. I am very proud of our players. We still have room for growth, but we got the "W." It was just a good 40 minutes of basketball against a good, well-coached Tulsa basketball team.

Was taking out all five players on the floor at once early in the second half just an energy thing?

Yes, I did not feel that we came out with the intensity I felt we needed to come out with, so I just put a new five in and they extended the lead. I just felt that needed to be done, and our defensive intensity picked up when I made that substitution. Again, I am telling you, Tulsa is a good team. They are well-coached, and they have good players. We just played well. I am telling you there are good teams in Conference USA. This is a good league. I talked to the athletic director at East Carolina (Terry Holland), and he said to me, "There are good teams all over the place, and the gap has closed." Appreciate that there are good teams out there and that winning 12 games in a row is not an easy feat. To win 15 of 16 is not an easy thing. We have continued to get better, but we absolutely have room to grow. That is a good win because that is a good basketball team that we beat today.

What do you think it says about your team that you got 50 points off of the bench and that you can bring in a fresh new five guys and not miss a beat?

I think we do a pretty good job of getting guys better for the most part. D.J. Stephens, who was a zero star recruit, had 15 points, 13 rebounds and five blocks in 16 minutes. You can look at a lot of other guys who step in and continue to contribute. People thought Antonio Barton was just a throw-in, but look at how many times he has saved us in games throughout his career. You can see that Joe (Jackson) has continued to get better and Chris (Crawford) is really starting to play at a high level. Tarik (Black) and Shaq (Goodwin) are playing really well, Adonis (Thomas) hit some big shots offensively, and Damien (Wilson) continues to improve, gives us good minutes and did some good things for us tonight. Ferrakohn (Hall) and Stan (Simpson) gave us some good minutes as well. Having production off of the bench is an important thing. We had 25 assists on 32 made field goals, which is good, unselfish basketball. We had 12 turnovers -- really 11 because I wanted to take the last one so that one is on me - so we need to improve there. You can't let a team shoot 47 percent from three-point range, and if you are going to let a team shoot that, then you better hold them under 40 percent from the field which we did. But like I said, that is a well-coached team and they have good players, so that is a good win for the Tigers.

Tulsa Head Coach Danny Manning

What happened after 29-24 in the first half

They played harder than we did. They had quite a few offensive rebounds for second chance points. They had a lot of transition points and fastbreak points. I think they had 49 points at half, and by my count 42 of them were points in the paint, points off turnovers, or fastbreak. It wasn't their set offense, we guarded their set offense. It was their transition, and we talked about that, we have to do a better job of taking care of the ball, we have to do a better job of rebounding, and we have to do a better job of competing.

On how aggressive Kauri Black was on offense

He's been playing pretty good offensively the last few games, but there were still opportunities for him to be a little more aggressive. Taking the ball to the basket and making their guards guard in the paint. At the end of the game, we started trying to attack the basket and get to the free throw line, but for the most part, early in the game we settled.

Staying in it with three-point shooting and offensive performance

I don't know, you can attribute that to a lot of different things. The bottom line is it doesn't matter, just get the ball moving. We talk about that each and every day, and you force help, you kick it to the next open man, he forces help, and that's how you break teams down and you get it from the second and third sides. We tried to make hero plays on the first side against a set defense, and that's hard to do against good teams.



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