Memphis/SMU Post-Game Quotes
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Feb. 18, 2009

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MEMPHIS - February 18, 2009
SMU (7-17, 1-10 C-USA) 33 14 - 47
No. 5/6 Memphis (23-3, 11-0 C-USA) 52 38 - 90

SMU Head Coach Matt Doherty
Talk about the last six or seven minutes of the first half.

"Well, obviously, they're a very good team and they can make a lot of people look bad. And, we were able to fight that for a while, but like you said, the last five or six minutes of the first half, they just took it to another level, and we just weren't able to respond.

How did Memphis pull away?
"I don't know; I'm looking at the stat sheet, and I'm tired of seeing other teams shoot 40 foul shots compared to our 13. That's the second game in a row. We must do an awful job teaching our kids on how to foul. I must just be an awful, awful coach. We get outscored 29 points at the foul line for two straight games. So, I'm a little frustrated with that."

What happened at the end of the game?
"Well, I don't think when you say one thing, you get two technical fouls. That's something new to me. I'm a little disappointed."

Talk about No. 23 Paul McCoy's performance.
"Yeah it was, but then they focused on him and did some different things. Paul had a cramp at halftime, and that impacted his minutes and the way he played in the second half. We have to get more out of other guys. I mean, Mouhammad Faye can't be one-of-seven. We just have to get more from other guys. Papa Dia was one-of-five. Nyakundi was one-of-four. We need to get a little bit more balance, and we have to take better care of the basketball. We were a little nervous in the first half and we had 22 turnovers and we had 11 turnovers by our starting 1, 2, and 3 guys. So, that's a little disappointing."

Memphis Head Coach John Calipari
A zone from a Coach Calipari team?

"We go zone and they score eight points in a row. They get offensive rebounds and then when I put Wesley at the top of that zone, all of the sudden, all bets were off and that changed. What that tells me is that if we're going to play zone, then we have to have a certain personnel group in there that will play a zone in the way that we need it played. One of the guys that must be in the game is Antonio (Anderson), and the other guy we must have in the game is Wesley Witherspoon. I liked Wesley (Witherspoon) today. He played lively with his legs, and made plays. He's going to be fine.



You had three guys, Antonio (Anderson), Robert (Dozier) and Chance (McGrady) that became the winningest Tigers of all time.
It's not about me. I have never stepped a foot on that court. I never grabbed a rebound, although I would if I was in there. What's great about those guys is that all three of them will graduate on time in May in four years. Robert Dozier and Antonio Anderson have over 1000 points. They both also have over 500 rebounds, and Antonio has a chance at getting 500 assists. Both of them will be professional. Wow, and have their degrees, wow, and win all these games, wow. Now, we've also had guys that have come for one year, Derrick Rose, Dajuan Wagner, and Shawn Williams, and that's ok too. The nice thing for all of us is to have guys that stay for all four years if it is the right thing for them and their families.

Guys are shooting free throws confidently. Are you afraid of them reverting back at all?
We're fine. What we're doing is shooting volume free throws. We're still shooting them now and we're still charting them. My thing is that if a guy is taking 3000 free throws and making 90%, how in the world can you go in the game and go one for seven. I'm talking to Willie (Kemp) right now. I said Willie, you're working out, you're spending the extra time, you're making the shots in practice, then he gets in the game and doesn't hit the rim. It's all mental. You can't be afraid to miss, just go in there and shoot the ball. We're really getting better defensively. They, for 10 minutes, were right there hanging around making shots. They made six out of eight threes and shot 45% in the first half. For the game, they shot 30%. Again, it's hard to do it for 30 or 40 minutes against us.

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