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Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

March 8, 2012

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Memphis Head Coach Josh Pastner
Opening Statement:
“That’s a good win. UTEP is a really good team and they’re very well coached. The way they play they’re very, very sound and they make it a grind out game. We had to grind it out. It wasn’t pretty, but we found a way to get the ‘W’. We found a way to get the ‘W’ and it was through defense. You’ve got to give total credit to UTEP, they’re great club and we were fortunate to get a ‘W’.”

How are you going to work Adonis Thomas back into the line-up?
“We’re only going to be able to play him through feel and flow of the game. Today’s game was a grind out game so we needed everybody to get in. It was one of those things where we were going to go with different line-ups. In fairness to Adonis, he’s going to be a little rusty being off for two months, but I thought he did some good things. He is going to get better as we move forward and get more back in rhythm, but we are just going to go with the feel and flow of the game.”

What did you think about Joe Jackson tonight?
“I thought Joe was good. He was tough, he was hard-nosed. We were just talking about it right here about how on the first day of practice you wanted me to show some fire, he goes was that fire tonight? I said yes this is what I’m talking about. You can alter the game by just your fire, and being a fiery guy out there. I want the emotion, and that’s my vision of Joe and he had that. He was good and he affected the game in a positive way. He continues to get better and I think the proof is in the pudding as he will continue to get better.”

What was the explanation from the officials about the three technical fouls, were you satisfied with the explanation and did John Bohannon bump you when he was leaving the court the next time?
“It was a heated game and the refs did right. They got everything right. Sometimes it’s the second guy who gets caught. You’re playing in an important game, things happen and luckily it was nothing more than verbal stuff, and on that there was nothing that I can recall. We have great respect for UTEP, they’re a well-coached team, they have good players and I have the greatest respect in the world for Coach Floyd and that program.”

Can you talk about dealing with all the emotion, they want to exact revenge on this team, and you go up against a team that’s holding the ball for 30 seconds, the emotions are going up pretty quickly, what do you say to them to get them going?
“At this time of the year it’s desperation for everybody. On the three that Jacques Streeter hit in the beginning of the game and the shot that Julian Wahsburn hit; we had great defense and they had better offense. We had a hand right in their face and both young men made great shots. Its desperation time and both teams are playing for everything and both need to win. We got down a little big but we settled down and we relaxed a little bit and we were able to win through defense.”

Was there anything wrong with Will Barton tonight or did he just have a bad game?
“Will just had an off game today. He got into a little foul trouble early. Julian Washburn did a nice job on him. I don’t know if it was the player of the year, he’s had a lot going on. He was ready he had a great shoot around; he was almost too ready if that can make any sense. He was not relaxed enough. I told our team in the NCAA Tournament it’s going to be a grind, you’re going to play when it’s just kind of an ugly game and you have to find ways to win those things.”

What did you say to your team about technical fouls going forward?
“We’re an emotional team. I can get emotional on the sidelines. I mean I punched the air six or seven times. I want our guys to play with emotion, I want them to have fire and energy we need to make sure we channel it the right way. In a heated game there is going to be emotion. The second guy usually gets caught, we can’t react and let the refs get in there and move from there.”

#10 Tarik Black, Memphis
What has Jimmy Williams meant personally since he has come in to coach at Memphis?
“Coach Williams has meant a lot. The proof is in the pudding if you watch me played since Coach Williams has gotten here on both ends on the floor. In dealing with fouls he’s been showing me on film how to move my feet and get in better position. Offensively, he’s working with me on my hook shot, and working on my positioning. It’s not as tough to score now; it’s a more efficient way to score when you have good position. He’s also been working with me on my free throws.”


UTEP Head Coach Tim Floyd
Opening Statement:
“Memphis has a fine team. They have great athleticism and they were able to put that on display tonight. Twenty-five points off of turnovers is the game. Gabriel McCulley is a really key player for us because we only have three inside guys. He played fabulously for us when we beat them about a month ago. Tonight, we couldn’t keep him in the game. He only played 14 minutes. He is a really critical part of what we are trying to do. We didn’t handle the game well enough to win this one.”

How do you account for the turnovers, tonight?
“I think that we probably needed a full day of preparation for. They were pressing and we aren’t really seeing that anywhere else in the league. We couldn’t get it in bounded, so we called two time outs and we got a little rattled. I thought, for the most part, that we took care of the basketball in the backcourt, but our turnovers came on our end of the court, after the initial pressure. They were up underneath us. They have great athleticism. We really don’t have a lot of drivers—guys who can put it on the floor and go make plays--(Jacques) Streeter is probably it. Because the passing lanes were overextended, that forced us to go and put it on the floor with guys who that is probably not their strength. As a result, we made some poor decisions. Give Memphis credit. The little guy (Joe) Jackson, has a lot to do with it.”

About reflecting on the season, as a whole:
“This is our second year (at UTEP), our first with new guys. We had three guys back from last year and they were improved players from last year. We have some guys, who at the least, who are going to develop into very good role players, and hopefully a star or two will develop. We threw a lot of freshmen out there. Cedrick Lang played with a stress fracture the last six weeks of the season. He never practiced; he just played in the games. He is going to be a fine player, one day. We redshirted a big 6’10” kid named Hooper Vint, who I think is going to be a fine player one day. We are adding four more freshman and we are going to try to build this thing around young freshmen. We are going to let them grow and develop, and we are going to think long-term in what we are doing. I like the way that it looks in the future. I don’t like the fact that we weren’t in the (NCAA) tournament. This is a school with a lot of pride, with a proud history and tradition. But, I am glad that I am here going through this. Whoever was here was going to go through this. We had the oldest team in the country, last year, with 10 seniors. This year, we probably have the youngest team in the country. I know what it can be. I know how to do the job, having been there before, and we are going to take our time with it. We are going to get the right people in here and eventually be where Memphis is right now. That is my plan.”

#11 Jacques Streeter, UTEP
On a recap of the contest:
“Turnovers killed us in the half-court game. Second chance opportunities, rebounds and not getting back in transition hurt us. We guarded well, and we had a chance at the end, to come back, but we just couldn’t get the stops.”

#24 Michael Perez, UTEP
On a recap of the contest:
“I feel like we guarded them well. Their half-court defense forced us to turn the ball over way too many times, tonight. We gave them a lot of opportunities, in transition, and I feel like that played a huge part in this game. We talked about that, but it was just something that we didn’t get accomplished.”



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