Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Nov. 7, 2012

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Memphis Head Coach Josh Pastner
Opening Statement
“ I’m telling you this was really good for us. Saturday’s game, which we can’t talk about ,the one that didn’t exist per NCAA rules, you know there are secret scrimmages technically so you can only talk in general terms; we were pretty good on Saturday, but this was a good opportunity for us to recognize, and I told our staff this this morning when we met. I said hey, ‘I think this is going to be good for us,’ our guys were feeling good about this after Saturday’s performance, we’re playing a team that again, as you know is hard to simulate in practice and it was an opportunity for us to kind of get our bell rung a little bit and that’s when guys wake up and say, ‘ok I’ve got to defend I’ve got to play better, my approach has to be better’. When that happens, you know we are a better team. Our approach going into Saturday was great. Our approach today, I felt we didn’t have a good practice yesterday, a poor practice, and we didn’t take care of some business that we needed to take care of and that’s why we started the beginning the way we started. Zero energy, this game is about energy, and we did not have any energy. You have to give Christian Brothers full credit though because they played great.”

Talk about the battle in the paint tonight and the back-and-forth score tonight
“I try to play everybody, I know, I probably should have gotten Stan (Simpson) some more minutes. I’m not a guy that’s going to play 11 guys. I took some rhythm out of guys too. When he had some leads and maybe could have extended it. I took some guys out and was subbing a lot and once we start countable games, we’re not gonna sub that much. I do think we need to continue to just work, I’m gonna give the guys off tomorrow, then we gotta have three great practices. But this was good for us just in a sense of the way they played, their style, but also us having to deal with, ok we’re down it’s a close game, we’ve gotta get stops. In the long run, this game will come back to help us I can assure you that.

On Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson was fantastic, was absolutely fantastic, eight assists, 14 points, no turnovers, he was terrific. Tarik Black, you know he’s still got to be better, but he was 6-9 in the field. Our free throw shooting wasn’t good, we missed layups, our fast break was 14-4, it should have been 40-4. We didn’t take advantage of opportunities, we missed short shots, we missed opportunities to get and-ones. We made some blunder plays, but again, Christian Brothers, they can absolutely shoot the daylights out of the ball. I mean they shot over 50% that first half and they shot some 3’s. You know we had 13 turnovers, nine the first half, only four the second half. We’ll get back at it in practice and be better offensively. We shot 53 percent. I was glad that we kept attacking the paint, that’s a big key for us.

Christian Brothers Head Coach Mike Nienaber
Opening Statement
“I’m always more focused on how we play, so to comment on their play, I’m clueless. I’m focused on what we’re doing. I felt like we turned the ball over way too much. A lot of times when we turned the ball over in this game, it is really forced, but I thought a lot of it tonight was unforced. I just thought we made some really bad decisions at times. I told them at halftime, we’re two points ahead and I thought we played really careless with the ball, and to still be ahead, I felt like we could hang in there. We knew it was going to get more physical and they were going to make a run, which they did early. But we kind of took that and came back a couple of times. We got down 10 and we talked about it. A couple of those times were where we missed shots, we’re a pretty good shooting team. We get open looks, we tend to make them, we were doing that, but then you have those possessions where it got away from us where it got sloppy and it took its toll on us.”

Thoughts On the Closing Minutes of the Game
“I think we were down five when we got Cory [McArthy] the back door. That was one of those, I always tell the guys, if you miss a layup so many times it turns into a layup on the other end. It was an instant four point turnaround, we went from a chance to getting it back to three and now we just need a stop and maybe somebody hits a shot and we’re right back tied again. Instead, now we’re down seven and we come down and take a quick shot. I think before that sequence when they were building it up to five, Pat [Graham] missed a three that would have tied it. So, I think we had two three’s, one that could have put us ahead one, and one that could have tied it, inside five minutes. Then, we had that missed layup that we executed perfectly and it winds up going in on the other end and now we’re down seven. We come and take maybe a little hurried three then it winds up not quite as close as it was. I hate that because most people are just looking at the score. But I feel really good about where we’re going as a team.”



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