Memphis Postgame Quotes vs CBU
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Nov. 8, 2013

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  Postgame quotes- Josh Pastner, Memphis, head basketball coach

Opening statement:
First of all, Christian Brothers is a very good team. They are well coached with good players. Mike [head coach Mike Nienaber] is about to win his 500th game. You have to be really good to get to that level. And the system they run gives us trouble.

On the team's pressure defense:
Through the course of the game, I thought our press wore them down. The press is not always going to get a bunch of steals in the first five or 10 minutes, because that's when teams are fresh. With our press, we try to wear teams down. So I thought our pressure was effective

On the performance of the team's post players.
We had some jitters in the first. I thought [CBU forward] Sidy Sall did a good job on our guys inside. But, I really liked that we had 60 points in the paint. I thought Austin Nichols, Dominic Woodson, Nick King and Kuran Iverson really played well and did a nice job. Shaq [Goodwin] had a much better second half than he did in the first half.

On what the team can improve on:
Overall, there are definitely some things we need to get better at. We need to make more threes. We are a better shooting team than that, we can't be 3-of-15. We are better than that. And we have to make our free throws. Those are the two big things right there. We also can't give up 12 offensive rebounds. We need to be a better rebounding team as well.

On substituting five players at a time at different points in the game:
I actually liked that. I don't know if I will keep doing it, but I liked it. It really wears teams out. I wanted to play everybody and get some good evaluation and good looks at all the guys. I liked that we had 20 assists on 37 field goals. I want to actually see it be higher than that. We have to keep things simple. When we do that, we can be really good.

On the play of freshman forward Dominic Woodson:
He took up space, and he has very good hands and good feet. I was really proud of him because he stayed focused. When he does that, he can be a really good player. He can't allow negative energy to get to him.

  Postgame quotes- Mike Nienaber, CBU, head basketball coach, Memphis, head basketball coach

Question: Can you please give me a game overview?
"We started out and got down, but we did a good job fighting back. At the 12 minute timeout we were down 10 and then by the eight minute timeout we were down by two. We had a good run and got ourselves back early, but had some turnovers which shouldn't be happening with a veteran team like we have.

"They (Memphis) did a good job with their pressure, but we had some sloppy turnovers lead to a lot of layups and easy points. We missed a lot of layups and easy baskets. We battled back and then we had a stretch when the rebounding got us. They got two or three offensive boards where they were able to put back, this pushed us back to the double digit mark by halftime.

"We did other things. If we are going to stay in a game like this we have to make shots. In that early sequence when we got down double digits we had some open looks and the ball didn't fall. They just didn't go.

"It was really hard loosing Trey Casey. He is one of our best players, MVP of the Gulf South Tournament and only played four minutes. That was a blow. He played four minutes. We taped him up put him and back in and he hit a three-pointer on a bad leg. He was trying to go back in but couldn't due to the injury. That injury also messed up our rotation. Initially loosing Trey Casey , Drew Hildreth , he was our best player tonight, but normally he is the one giving all of the guards like Cory Mcarthy a break. He normally only plays in two minute segments and tonight he played for ten. With as much pressure as we were getting I could not take Cory Mcarthy or Drew Hildreth out. If I would have had Trey Casey, I would have been able to give each of those guards the appropriate rest.

"Then we come out starting the second have pretty good. At the under 12 minute, I think we were down by 12 or 13, but during that sequence is when CD (Sidy Sall), gets a technical. And now my five-man is out of the game. He now has four fouls and he is the only big guy I have with any experience and now I have lost him. He was running away from the guy and should have had his hands up, but he got the foul called as he is backing up. So now we have lost Trey Casey, Drew Hildreth and CD (Sidy Sall).

"We need everything to go right to stay close and just about everything didn't. We are missing shots and people are getting hurt and turning the ball over when we shouldn't. So anything that could go wrong did."



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