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Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Nov. 9, 2010

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Memphis 75, Christian Brothers 49
November 9, 2010 - FedExForum
Postgame Quotes

Memphis Head Coach Josh Pastner

Opening Statement
Our thing has been that we cannot play as individuals. This has got to be a team effort for us to be successful. Tonight was a good test for us. Christian Brothers played really well, and we did some good things defensively. I was not happy with our energy and effort in some places.

The most disappointing thing tonight was our body language. The bottom line is we cannot afford bad body language, and we have been talking about that from the very beginning.

Starting Friday, the rotation will be cut down and I will be going to guys who are producing, and we won't be trying to rotate everybody in. I will be going with a little bit shorter rotation. There will be several games we play like this where teams will pack it in and work the clock, shrink the floor and shrink the game time.

We can't sit back and jack up threes. We were 4-of-14 tonight. Every time we moved the ball into the paint, we had good touch. We have to continue to move the ball and get good action for better shots. It is hard to practice and see things like that. This was a big game for us for that reason.

It was 15 assists to 16 turnovers, and we can't afford that. Will Coleman had four turnovers, and he has got to cut those down. We only went to the free throw line 18 times, and that is not nearly enough. We didn't make enough free throws when we were there, and we have got to do better than 61 percent. We have got to keep our turnovers to single digits.

Talk about the team settling for three pointers rather than driving to the basket
We didn't play well. I didn't feel like we played Memphis basketball where the open man is the go to man. When we had the second, third and fourth drives, and attacking the basket we had better shot selection.

We have the chance to do something special this year, if we put team above `I'. We have done a good job for the most part, but again it is going to be hard to play well night in and night out to really make sure we have a great positive mindset and good body language and great positive spirits. Those are the things that are contagious. We have the talent, but can we sacrifice and trust each other; that is the question for this team. We have been working on those things from day one, and those are the keys.

Christian Brothers Head Coach Mike Nienaber

Opening Remarks
Well this game is a big thing for us. I always tell our guys it is one of the best practices of the year for us because we can't create the pressure that they (Memphis) can create in any of our practices. The guys that we put on the floor as a second team just can't create the athleticism and quickness that a team like Memphis plays with.

At times tonight we played well and at others we struggled, and that is when it got ugly but that again is good for our players to experience from a practice stand point. I told the guys that I wish we could do this once a week solely from a practice stand point. We got better tonight, which I feel we did, and it didn't help us that one of our better ball-handling guards didn't play. But there again the flip side of that is that we had freshmen that got some extra play, and obviously it is fun that we get to come down here (to FedExForum) and play, which is something that we don't typically get to do.

What did you learn about your team tonight?
I don't know that we learned anything new tonight. The mistakes that we made tonight we have been talking about for a week and a half in practice. But once again, you can't create the level of play in practice that you get out here against Memphis. You can talk about it all you want, but until you really get out here and get your guys under fire it is hard to demonstrate the importance of putting that little extra on a pass or how much it really means when you cut hard to the ball. I mean if you don't do the little things against these guys, you are going to get eaten alive, and it forces us to play as well as we can.



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