Postgame Quotes
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Nov. 28, 2011

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#21/22 Memphis (3-2) 70, Jackson State (1-7) 45
FedExForum (Memphis, Tenn.)
Postgame Quotes

Memphis Head Coach Josh Pastner

Opening Statement

Well, we did play some good defense. The issue wasn’t the defense; it was the second chance points. They had 12 second-chance points and 18 offensive rebounds—five from the guy No. 32 (Willie Readus). I just told the guys in the locker room – Ferrakhon (Hall) is coming back December 17. If no one is going to rebounds, he is going to come in and take minutes from somebody because we have to get someone on the glass. We have to rebound the ball.

We had seven turnovers in the first half, second half only four. We were just lackadaisical in the second half. I don’t know where our heads were. We had three good days of practice. I don’t know if it was a Maui hangover or what. We have to be better against Austin Peay on Saturday – I can tell you that.

But, we’ll get it corrected. There’s just some stuff we have to work on. We just have to rebound the ball and have carry over from practice. We do all these drills; we emphasize it. We were subbing left and right for anyone that wasn’t rebounding. We just have to come up on the glass.

I thought Chris Crawford had a good game and gave us good minutes at the point. He had three assists and four steals and six boards. Stan Simpson gave us good minutes inside with 10 rebounds. His three turnovers can’t happen, but he had five blocks. Joe (Jackson) did some good stuff on offense as did Antonio (Barton). I thought Will (Barton) was good except for the last pass where he tried to do the razzle-dazzle. That’s why we had to sub him out. Wesley (Witherspoon), even though he has to get more rebounds, was actually really good. He had four assists and no turnovers. He was turning the ball over quite a bit in Maui. The biggest thing is we were good defensively. It’s just the second chance points. We have to rebound the ball. Against a zone, we had a couple of open looks in that first half – we were 0-of-5 from three, but we were better the second half.

Talk about playing against the zone.

It was one of those things where we had many opportunities to penetrate. The biggest thing is that we had some open looks from three. The one from Chris goes in and out. He hit two of them, but he would have been 3-for-5. Antonio had two good, wide-open good looks in the first half and you have to live with those because he’s a good shooter. We got some good looks inside too, but we have to finish around the hoop. We were lethargic today, but we have to rebound the ball. We just have to rebound the ball. I’m exhausted from saying it. That’s all we have done the last three days – watch tape about it, practice it and emphasize it.

Jackson State Head Coach Tevester Anderson

Opening Statements

I was feeling pretty good at halftime, but (Memphis) was obviously not feeling good about the first half with the way they came out and played the first five minutes of the second half. We’ve always said the first five minutes of the second half is very important, and I know Coach Pastner got on his guys pretty good at halftime because they came out in that first five minutes and played really good basketball. (Memphis) forced turnovers and shot the ball really well. They took the ball to the basket and they made their free throws in the second half.

(Memphis) is a good basketball team, and we knew we couldn’t hold them down for that long of a time. At the same time, I was disappointed that we didn’t take the challenge of the second half and come out and play better. We’ve played a team like this before. We’ve played Ohio State and Florida and other teams like that. We played Tulsa pretty good the other night, which is in this conference, and I thought at halftime we had a good chance to make it close and have a chance at the end to win it. We used too many timeouts in the first half, four unwanted timeouts.

Did burning four timeouts in the first half hurt you in the second half?

We couldn’t stop the momentum in the second half because we had just the one timeout remaining. I was trying to save the timeout in case we needed it late in the game, but I had to use it early in the second half, and that left us with no timeouts later in the game. When you use four of your five timeouts in the first half, you’re kind of handicapped, but I thought Memphis has a really good team. They’re a top-10 team in my opinion. They’re talented, they shoot the ball really well and they played much better in the second half.

We out-rebounded them, which was shocking to me, but they shot a whopping 53 percent from the field, and that was big. I think Memphis will be in the top-10 for the rest of the season. They took that trip to Maui, and coming back, I’m sure when you come home and in that first game you’re going to be rusty. In that first game back, you have your friends and family and you want to show them how good you are and then overdo it sometimes.

Did you felt like you had a chance to have a lead at halftime?

We felt like we should’ve been ahead in the first half, but we missed too many easy shots. We went to the basket, but we didn’t finish it well. (Memphis) got all the loose balls, and we didn’t get a single loose ball, except for the ones we used a timeout on. We knew that they scored something like 18 points in the transition in the first half, and if they kept doing that, it was going to be a long night. We didn’t stop the transition game and it just escalated after that.



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