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Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Dec. 22, 2009

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Memphis Head Coach Josh Pastner

Opening statement about the closed door prior to interview.

“Well, I told them to get all the cob webs and complaining, nicks and bruises out of the way. They have a couple of days of preparation before our next game. I know you guys are probably tired of hearing me say winning is hard, winning is hard, winning is hard. The guys have a couple of days off then they will come back on the 26th and get it on. It is on because if you look at our strength IUPUI is going to be a tough game. IUPUI is going to be a tough game so I don’t want to hear about Tennessee or Syracuse and I don’t want to hear about the conference. IUPUI is a NCAA Tournament team who beat Indiana State by 20 and Indiana State will probably win their league. IUPUI is the same kind of team as Oakland and if you look at Oakland’s RPI they are in the 40s. IUPUI is going to have a high RPI so this is a very important game for us. I don’t want to hear about any game other than IUPUI and when the guys get back that is the only focus and we will get the cob webs out and get after it. What we want to do is keep the 80 percent win percentage and to this point we have done that.”

“There were some good things we took from today’s game and some things not so good. Anytime after a loss there are some cob webs in there that we need to work out and I think we did that. Bottom line is we got the win.”



IUPUI has an RPI in the 60s while Memphis has slipped to the low 100s. Talk about the importance of the game from the RPI standpoint.

“All we are going to talk about right now is IUPUI, not Tennessee or Syracuse. Our focus is solely on IUPUI and we will practice twice on the 26th. We plan on giving the guys three days off before we practice in the morning and night on the 26th.”

Thoughts on today’s game and the bounce back effort after the tough loss.

“I thought we obviously did a better job on the glass. Our goal was to keep them in single digit offensive rebounds and we did that. We held them under 40 percent field goal shooting and under 30 percent from three-point range, which are rules of ours. We had 22 assists on 33 made field goals. We had some unbelievable looks in the first half and in the second half we got the guy at the high post and get the ball to Wesley (Witherspoon) or D.J. (Stephens) and open the game up from there.”

SEMO Coach Dickey Nutt

On playing in FedExForum:

"It was a great experience for us. Out of 13 guys, 11 of them have never played a division one game before this season. We’re starting from scratch. I was very proud of our guys and pleased with our effort."


On his team’s execution:

"We had some inside play, a little outside play, and we had a chance to hang around in the first half a little bit. I was very proud of that. A loss is a loss. We can’t stand losing, but we’ll get back to our conference and trying to build our program."


Thoughts on SEMO’s play:

"I was very pleased. I told our players we have nothing to be ashamed of. The guys played hard until the final buzzer, and we played a very talented basketball team."


What gave SEMO issues:

"Size overwhelmed us there. We thought we could mix it up there a little bit, and try to keep them out of rhythm a little bit. They have good enough shooters where a zone is not going to bother them. They do a lot of good things against a zone. They’re hard to prepare against with their movement."


What SEMO hopes to take from today’s game:

"We’ve had our share of hard games all year long. Memphis is the toughest team we’ve played all year long. I don’t know how many lessons we were taught today. We’ve had a crash course in the last few games playing some high major games. It was a good experience, a good opportunity for us, and hey, we’ll take our paycheck and go home."


"All up and down the line they were five and six inches taller and bigger and stronger. They’ve been building their program for a long time, and they’re very good. They’re one of the top programs in the country. There is no question in my mind, and I’ve been around basketball a long time. That’s one of the most athletic basketball teams I’ve ever seen. I think they’ll go far, and I think Josh is doing a super job."


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