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Go Tigers!

Feb. 10, 2006

Hello Tiger Fans,

Every good basketball team has two or three players that they refer to as their "go-to" guys, or a "one-two" punch. Let me give you a couple examples from some NBA teams that immediately come to mind: Shaq/Wade for the Heat and Jordan/Pippen for the Bulls in the 1990s. Those guys are great players that their teams rely on every night to make a big impact in the game. Those "go-to" players are not always scoring the most points, even though that is what most people think is a requirement to have an impact on a game.

Detroit's Ben Wallace has just a much of an impact, if not more so, as someone who scores 30 points in a game. For instance, take the other night when Wallace did not score and had almost 20 rebounds. The impact his play had on that game was enormous. I opened this entry this way so I can ask you one question: Who is our "one-two" punch?

Some might argue that it is Washington/Carney, while others might argue it is Washington/Williams or Williams/Carney or even Dorsey/Carney. I could go on and on of possible combinations of who our "one-two punch" is, but just stating combinations would be boring. My answer to this question is another question, and it would be: Which game?

Let's look at three games: UAB, UCF, and Rice.

UAB: Joey had 12 points, 16 rebounds, and four blocks. D-Wash had 26 points, four rebounds and two assists.

UCF: Rodney had 26 points and three steals. Waki had 15 points and four rebounds (but only played 16 minutes).

Rice: CD-R had 21 points and eight rebounds. Joey had 11 points and nine rebounds.

These are three of the last four games, and we had five different people making huge impacts in the games. This is the most attractive part about our team. We have so many guys that can make plays that, when someone has a bad night, someone else will pick up the slack and get the job done. What is even more amazing to me than that is the player who had the bad game is more excited for the player that played well than if he would have played well himself. The "one-two" punch on our team involves about seven or eight players rather than just two or three.

In practice, Coach gets on to us if we try to make difficult plays. He preaches to us to make the easy play and to make it look easy, even if that is not what looks "cool." The teams that have a lot of plays that look really difficult are those teams that are not winning many games and are making that play to try to get the crowd involved in the game. We have lost only two games this year because we have tried to do just that - make the easy play. It is hard to make easy plays when you do not have guys capable of making them. We do not have that problem on this team. Any one of the five players on the floor can make plays, and it can be seen in all of our boxscores to date.

Despite what many may say about who our "one-two" punch is, you can't name just two individuals that every night have to make an impact on the game in order for us to win. We have too many guys capable of having a big night every night that two can't be named. You would have to name five or six guys on our team.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at jaredsandridge_tigerbb@hotmail.com

Go Tigers Go!!!




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