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Go Tigers! Josh Pastner speaks with members of the media on Thursday.
Go Tigers!
Josh Pastner speaks with members of the media on Thursday.
Go Tigers!

March 15, 2012

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NCAA Tournament, West Region, 2nd Round
#8 Memphis (26-8) vs. #9 Saint Louis (25-7)
March 15, 2012
Nationwide Arena (Columbus, Ohio)
Memphis Pregame Quotes

Memphis Head Coach Josh Pastner

Opening Remarks

We're obviously privileged and honored to be here. We understand that this is not a birthright to be part of the tournament. It's a great thing. But you're obviously here. You want to play as well as you can, to try to win as many games. We understand we have a very tough opponent, a very well coached opponent with Coach Majerus at Saint Louis.

And they've got good players. As good of a coach as Coach Majerus is with Saint Louis, they've also got really good players. They've got good guard play, good front court guys. They're really good defensively.

You said how you feel differently going into this game. This year versus last year in the tournament, do you sense that the players feel differently going into the tournament this year?

We were on the radio show the other day and we were talking about that. I said the difference last year is it was just so up and down at times and to get in was such a relief. And here we've been playing so well, you have more of a peace about it.

So I think with our guys, the experience from last year has helped. There's no doubt about that. But with all that experience being said, you still have to go out and get the job done. And getting the job done means you've got to try to win games.

So being part of it last year I think will help us, but it doesn't guarantee you any victories.

#5 Will Barton, Sophomore Guard

Do you guys get offended at all when you hear the experts saying the test will be if they can play the half-court game, this is not a half court team, and do you think tomorrow's game will be that kind of game?

Yeah, we get a little offended. I think people take for granted how explosive we are in the open court and on fastbreak opportunities. They forget how efficient we are as an offense, period. That just can't be fastbreak. That's in the half court too. We're one of the only teams in the country that are top 10 in defense and offense efficiency.

So we feel like we could play in the half court or get up and down. We can throw the ball down low to Tarik or me coming off curls. Joe can break anyone down. We've got guys like Chris and Antonio, Adonis hitting 3s and doing what they do.

I feel like we can win the game no matter what style we have to play. Like I said, we have so many versatile guys on our team we can get it done in any fashion.

#10 Tarik Black, Sophomore Forward

Tarik, what took you guys so long to get going?

Just finding our maturity. Finding our place where we're all one. We came in last year with eight freshmen, and Carmouche came in with us. He wasn't a freshman, but he was a new face on campus, and we had a new coach that hasn't been coaching as long as others, he's not a veteran coach yet.

It takes a while to find your chemistry and find your niche. Coming in we loved playing defense, but we didn't know we could play defense as well as we have this far in our careers in college. But now that we understand it, that's what we hang our hats on.



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