Memphis Postgame Quotes vs. Duke
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Sep 7, 2013

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   Justin Fuente, Memphis, head football coach

Opening Statement
"We came into the game and we knew it was going to be hot. We trained for this game, we worked out this summer, scheduled our practices in the afternoon. We practice and worked in the heat to be ready for this. We were going to get this down to the 3rd and 4th quarter and our conditioning was going to carry us through. It was our execution. We just didn't execute enough times on both times of the ball against a quality opponent."

On the first half, you drive down and did not challenge the spot of the ball or go for a field goal
"Well I don't know, Paxton didn't lean the ball out. I thought it was a pretty clear look. There wasn't another defender there. Paxton ran out of bounds and they spotted the ball. I don't know if it was good or bad. I thought it was an easy call. But twice on 4th down and short, we didn't get it. We are playing a good team; we are in a tight football game. Little mistakes will kill you, and we just went for it twice on short yardage. We fumbled, which was a rough play for Paxton. Those are two good plays for them and tough plays for us."

Did you think Paxton Lynch looked nervous?
"Well, third down was hard for us. If you can't run the ball, the harder third down is. It amplifies the difficulties. We didn't do very well on first down, which leads to farther and longer situations. I thought Paxton played okay, I think he did some good things; he threw the ball down the field well. He made a couple mistakes that he thought got corrected."

Closing statement
"We played a good football team today that we had an opportunity to beat. The Memphis Tigers had an opportunity to beat another good football team today, and we just weren't there yet, regardless of calls and anything like that. We just weren't there yet. But much closer than the beginning of last year."

   Bobby McCain, Junior Defensive Back

On a take away from today's game and performance
"We have to keep our heads up regardless, we played hard as a team and we played ball."

   Tevin Jones, Sophomore Wide Receiver

On his overall thoughts on the game
"Our expectation is to win, no matter what we have to do. We have to just go out there and score more points than our opponent. The defense has to stop the offense. We have to hold them to one point less and our offense has to score one point more."

On his 45 yard reception
"It wasn't enough, it wasn't enough to win. I make them all of time at practice."

   Martin Ifedi, Junior Defensive End

On how the defense played in the 1st half
"I thought we gave them something in the first half. The positive is that there was only seven points. I thought we needed to come out in the second half and not make those same mistakes as the first half."

On Paxton Lynch's first game
"I thought he did good. He is young. He will get better. He fits the system really well, so he will get better each week."

Where does the defense need to be?
"We need to be playing smarter, take fewer penalties, and play hard."

   David Cutcliffe, Duke, head football coach

Opening Statement
"It was a very good win for our program. When things don't go exceptionally well, teams can crumble on the road, especially in their first road game. We had to overcome some penalties. Fortunately, we played such good team defense. We had people where they needed to be. Our team played outstanding defense. It is something to build on. I am really proud of the entire team."

"This Memphis team was extremely well-prepared. They were really good in the kicking game and they are very good on defense. They were a tough test."

On RS-Jr. quarterback Anthony Boone
"Anthony has a broken collarbone. We were able to get an x-ray. We won't know the extent until we get back and get the medical reports. We won't know a timeframe until maybe Monday or Tuesday. We are very fortunate to have a young man like [redshirt junior quarterback] Brandon Connette. He is pretty special and he does a tremendous job running our offense."

On the play of Connette in tonight's game
"Into the third quarter and in the fourth quarter, he had really gotten comfortable. He had a feel for what we were doing. He is a tough, physical guy. I think our offense took on that mentality, and I was glad to see that."

On the play of the Duke defense
"I certainly know this, everybody had a hand somewhere in this game defensively. We limited the explosive plays and then minimized your points per game. And that's one of the things we really work hard on defensively is how to limit points per game. That's hard to do."

  Brandon Connette, Duke RS-Junior Quarterback

On when he found out he was going into the game
"My first instinct was to see if Anthony [Boone] was alright. Me and him are very close. We are roommates, so the first thing I wanted to know was how he was doing. When I found out I was going in, I had to make sure I was ready mentally. It was nice to go in with a lead, but we definitely had to grind this one out."

On when he felt he found his rhythm"I felt comfortable my first series in there. Memphis definitely made some plays, but I felt comfortable right away. We just had to grind it out and try to tire them out."

  Ross Cockrell, Duke RS-Senior Defensive Back

On tonight's game
"It was a total team effort. When something went wrong on one end, the other side kept picking up the slack. You saw the unity of our team and of our program. You can't ask for anything more."

On Brandon Connette
"Football is a game of injuries. You have to understand that. You have to know at any point you may be called upon to finish the job, and that's exactly what Brandon did. He came in and he finished it for us."

  Jamison Crowder, Duke Junior Wide Receiver

On how the team regained the lead in the fourth quarter
Definitely a sense of urgency. We are on the road, playing against Memphis in their first game. When the game was tied late in that fourth quarter, we knew it was time to get going and make plays. That's what really got us over the hump."



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