Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Sept. 15, 2012

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Opening Statement
"I thought we executed well offensively and I keep using the word relentless. I thought we were relentless on both sides of the ball. We kept the pressure on them. They scored, we would come right back and score. We would score and get a turnover so I thought we were good from that standpoint. We scored the first drive and then we dropped two passes on the next drive to stop that drive. We got another (drive) going and then we fumbled. We scored every time we touched the ball in the first half, except for those two possessions. In the second half, we scored every possession except for when we were running out the clock. We weren't really good in the kicking game, we forced two fumbles which is good, but we gave up that long run right there at the half that got them back in the game. Josh (Davis) just waited too long to punt the ball there."

Was this one of the best performances you've seen with turnovers and points off of those?
"The defense set us up with some good field position tonight. One time we kicked a field goal, but otherwise we were able to punch it in. I thought we did a good job offensively of making sure we took advantage of the turnovers we got."

How do you see your team now going into the bye week?
"I think we were better against Florida Atlantic than we were the first week and we were better tonight than we were against Florida Atlantic. Our guys are confident and we have a heck of a challenge coming up at Georgia Tech with what they do offensively. It's a confident bunch of guys right now and we have a great team attitude right now. I told you after the McNeese State game that I liked the character of this team and that continues to show these last two weeks."

HEAD COACH Justin Fuente

Opening Statement
"Before I begin, I'd like to personally thank every fan that came out to the game tonight. I thought, for a team that hasn't had recent success and quite honestly hasn't been there, our fans showed out great and supported us. I want to thank the fans for that."

"Obviously, it's a disappointing ballgame. I felt like physically we just got handled. Obviously, we turned the ball over, but to me, physically we were just handled on both sides of the ball."

Scorewise, if it wasn't for four turnovers, you might've won this ballgame?
"Yeah, you are correct. Might've, could've, should've, would've. It's hard to beat anybody when you do those things. There are some very fundamental principles in this sport and one of them is when you have the ball, you can't give it to the other team. We didn't adhere to that and that was one of the contributing factors, along with, I felt like, they were the more physical team."

What's going wrong with the running game?
"Well, part of it is you get behind and you stop running the ball. It is a lot easier to throw the ball when you can run it. There are several reasons why we haven't had a dominant rushing attack, and we are going to continue to address those in recruiting. I think we still have to find a way to eek it out and beat it in there and run the football to give us a chance to throw the ball. You know, we had two plays in the first half because of the threat of running the ball. That's why you have those plays, it's not because you're this great passing team, it's because they are trying to defend the run and leave things open. So, that's a fundamental principal that we have to work on."

How did you feel about your team at halftime?
"That's a brutal way to start the half, fumbling the kickoff to start it. I thought our guys responded to adversity at the end of the half and were ready to come out and fight tooth and nail to win the game."



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