Postgame Quotes vs Arkansas State
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Sept. 21, 2013

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  Head Coach Justin Fuente
Opening statement
"Well, obviously it's nice to get that win. Proud of our kids, I am proud of the way we conducted ourselves. Proud of the level, discipline we showed, our ability to bounce back when things haven't gone our way. I think that speaks a lot to the character of the men in that locker room and the kids in that locker room. Good victory. Its only one victory and now we have a bye week. Now our focus is to smile for a little bit and then go get better this next week, focus on some key things and get ready for Central Florida coming back at the Liberty Bowl. "

On opening drive right down the field,
"I thought it was a pretty big statement by our guys to be able to run the ball like that and take it down and score. Obviously it gave use a boost where they were going to have to score when we play this team. It was nice to get on the board early.

On the best game since Fuente got here
"I don't know, I mean I just walked off the field so judging it is kind of difficult until you take a good look at it. I really didn't think about it. I think we played obviously well enough to win against a good football team. We have got lots of improvement to do. I think it is important that you, as a coach, make sure you take the outcome out of it and evaluate what actually happened for what happened. We made mistakes today and we have to get those things fixed. We were fortune enough to win while making those mistakes. As far as the most complete game, I don't know, I just know we played well enough to win.

On what you saw defensively and was able to stop and 300 yards rushing
"I thought we did a great job at the line of scrimmage first of all. And our secondary play was great. Technique, we are obviously under pressure which lets you have more people in coverage obviously. Those were huge, slowing down the running game and getting pressure on the quarterback.

On off week
"We need it. We need to go practice. We need lots of practice. We will use this to focus on certain people and there will be some guys who will take less rest this week and some guys will take more rest. I think it's coming at a good time where we will go work things out and get ready for the Central Florida team in two weeks."

Offensively on Marquis Warford
"Well we ran the football pretty well and that gives you a chance and we were able to run it inside and outside and got a couple things that hit big breaking gap plays. Big chunk yardage in the running game which is huge and we haven't had much of that, Statistically I don't know, I just know we haven't had those long runs in the past so those were big for us.

On the people in the locker room
"Happy, I tell you what. And they deserve to be happy, those kids have put in a lot of work in and had a rough week. I am so proud of them. We are hard on them and we try really hard to love all of them and let them know that we care and let them know what we are doing and where we are going and there still in their starting way. I am proud of them."

On Martin Ifedi
"It's pretty good numbers. I just know every time I looked up I saw 97 was in the back field and he has just really played well this far. He is a long kid, he is a really good kid in our program and he is a smart heavy player. He seemed to be back there a lot. "

On penalties
"Yes, it was a huge point of emphasis and we have talked all about what happened last week and then we just took what we did and put it behind us. We made a pact that we weren't going to have another Sunday meeting where we are sitting in there and we outgain a team and we don't win the game because of silly mistakes."

On 4th down and confidence in the offense
"I don't remember, they teathered then on the goal line I just felt good about our defense and felt good about the eay they were playing and really wanted to get points when you have a defense that plays as well as they had then it lets you sometimes take liberties that may be otherwise you wouldn't."

On black uniforms
"I think the kids loved it which is great, I really do. I have told our fans this, we are not going to get away from gray and blue but if our kids who work their tail off to turn this program around want to wear some black at a game then I am going to support them. The kids loved it and they played pretty well in it."

Domination by the secondary
"I thought they did a fantastic job. The corners and safeties did a good job. I thought Bobby and Andrew are always in good position. I think (Corners coach Chris Vaughn) has done a great job with them and they have done a great job excepting that. It was a really strong performance. They just keep chucking and keep coming at you. It is hard to defend that many passes as well as they defended them.

On Paxton's performance
"I think he is continuing to get better. Obviously when you run the ball like that it helps make it a little bit easier to play better and he made some mistakes that we need to continue to work out. But managing the game and handling the situation, I think he is proven to be a little bit wiser beyond his years when it comes to the game. It's a tough job to get hit really hard and get up and call a play and get the next play immediately and not everyone can do that. And handle the emotions and the ups and downs of the game and he seems to be handling that part pretty well."

  Freshman running back Marquis Warford Quotes

On personal performance.
"I think I did actually pretty good with the help of my teammates. The offensive line opened up a lot of holes for me and made me really successful to do what I had to do. The coaches believed in me a lot. My line actually did an excellent job and the QB carried out his fake and everyone did their job which let me do my job. "

On chunk plays
" I think the chunk plays are a big part of our offense and I think the chunk plays make us who we are. I think we have a lot of ability on our offense to keep doing what we are doing but making chunk plays. We have a lot of weapons. Our coach called the right plays and we execute them."

On freshman
"it's just a regular feeling. You have to step up in big moments and make plays like everyone else. When you step on the field you are not a freshman, you're a football player like everyone else."

On belonging on the team and field
"Actually since the first day I've been recruited I have felt like Memphis is right place to be. I have really loved all the coaches and the coaches have accepted me and trusted me with a big opportunity as soon as I walked in. That made me feel even more welcome than what I did on my visit. "

On comfort on team
"From my first start against Duke, I started off a little shaky and little nervous but coaches kept believing in me still kept feeding me the rock and now I am more comfortable today than when I first started."

On yardage
"It's just me being able to do what I am doing now without being nervous or anything. The coaches pretty much talked me into going out there and playing a game and not really pushing anything. Just letting the game come to me.

Offensively line step today
"Offensive line took a big step since even practice on Sunday. We knew we were going to come into a dog fight and the offensive line prepared well and we had a great practice all week and it showed out there on the field today."

On black uniforms
"I love the black. I think we look fast in every color."

On post game band interaction
"It was really fun because I have never really done anything like that in high school. So being able to come to Memphis and be a part of program that is building and going out there to have fun with the band after a big win was a great feeling."

  Bryan Harsin, Arkansas State head football coach

Opening Statement
"We are disappointed in the result of the game. First of all, give credit to Memphis. They made plays and some explosive plays, and we didn't do that enough. They started fast. We knew they would have an intensity level that we had to go out there and match early on. Our guys played hard and didn't quit, we fought out there. In games like this, it comes down to making plays, and that's the bottom line. And they made more plays than we did."

On the intensity of Memphis at the start of the game
"In a game like this, you have to come out and be prepared to play. Not that we weren't prepared, but you have to be able to make plays in those early situations that we didn't make. Each and every week we are going to get everybody's best."

On Arkansas State's start to the game
"Every team is different and every week is different. It all comes down to how you start a game and that understanding of your opponent. Memphis is a very good football team, so there was no surprise that they came out and played very physical."

On the pressure put on his offense by the Tigers' defense
"We expected pressure. Without looking at the film, there were some one-on-one battles that we lost. They had good coverage down the field. The key is, we were able to run the ball early on, but they made some adjustments to that. They provide different looks after that. Pressure or not, we have to eliminate the sacks and the negative plays.

On the Memphis running game
"We need to improve on tackling, there's no doubt about that. They had some good misdirection that they hit. Their backs did a nice job of bouncing off tackles and circling the field. When you have explosive plays, especially in the run game, it usually comes down to tackling."

On the Memphis misdirection plays
"They have some good misdirection options on those plays. You can pull it (the ball) or flip it, and those backs were making some good decisions. On the perimeter is where they made some big plays. And their quarterback (redshirt freshman Paxton Lynch) made some big throws when he needed to in some critical situations. He played well tonight."

  Adam Kennedy, Arkansas State senior quarterback

On the Memphis defense
"Credit goes to their defense. They were really good tonight. They were taking away some easy throws and they were able to create some pressure. All in all, it was just a rough day for us."

On Memphis getting out to a 14-0 lead
"That was huge to start out the game like that for them. I thought we recovered nicely and got back on track, but we just couldn't keep it rolling. That got some pressure, but some of that is on me too. You know, holding the ball too long and having some negative plays. We just got to be better as an offense."

On if the ASU offense was pressing
"I don't know if we were ever pressing. I thought we stayed pretty relaxed. It was just a play here or a play there that was negative for us. That put us behind the chains and it is hard to play a game like that."

  Bryce Giddens, Arkansas State sophomore offensive lineman

On falling behind 14-0 in the first quarter
"There was no need to panic. You know, we just stuck with the game plan and what we were doing. We had that scoring drive and we felt like we getting things rolling. We got behind the chains, and that's made it tough on us."

On the Memphis defensive line
They were good. They schemed us up really well. We need to adjust earlier in the game too.



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