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Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Sept. 24, 2011

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SMU (3-1, 2-0 C-USA) 42, Memphis (1-3, 0-1 C-USA) 0
Saturday, September 24, 2011
Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium (Memphis, Tenn.)


Opening Remarks
First and foremost, I want to compliment June Jones and his team. They came out and had a very strong start, and they continued that throughout the first half. We obviously got off to a slow start, and we were never able to recover. Defensively, I thought that we started to settle in and play a good brand of football, but we didn't finish as strongly as we would have liked. We had four turnovers defensively. So, there are some positives, but we just have to continue to build on the subtle changes that we have made. I think we will see progress.

Offensively, we just had a horrible day and there are no excuses. We have got to be better. Taylor (Reed) is young, but he has to play better and all across the board, we have to be better, including us as coaches. About the lack of offensive production

We couldn't run, we couldn't pass, we couldn't do anything. I am very disappointed.

Where do you feel the problems lie?
I thought that early on, they beat us up front and we just couldn't get anything going. As the game wore on, we started to make some mistakes, and probably the most frustrating aspect was the second half. I thought we had something going, but we gave up a penalty on the first drive and on the second drive we had two costly mistakes. That led to us being backed up, and things just started to go downhill from there.

Was there ever a point when you contemplated bringing in backup quarterback Andy Summerlin?
No. (Taylor Reed) is a fighter, but he needs help. We have got to play better around him. The offensive line, the wide receiver position and the running back position, we have just got to play better around him. I thought Taylor made some mistakes as well, but we have got to play better around him.



About the play of the offensive line?
Again, they just beat us. It wasn't necessarily missed assignments, they just beat us.

What do you feel is the biggest problem on the offensive side of the ball, right now?
No continuity, no rhythm. Again, it is just one mistake after another. Freshman center, freshman quarterback and two starting freshmen receivers, we have a lot of youth back there, but we have to be able to catch and throw. We have to be able to run simple run plays and execute. Even if we have to bleed and grind yardage, that is okay, as long as it is positive and gives us an opportunity to sustain drives.

Regardless of our youth and the other issues, we just have to be able to execute.


Opening Remarks
This was a good win for our team. It's our first shutout of the year and a solid victory for our program. It's always tough to get conference wins on the road, so we're happy with this result. When we just focus on what we're supposed to do and not worry about everyone else, good things happen. We did that today.

You guys lost some scoring opportunities to turnovers; is that a concern?
Well, of course, we're real worried about that. It's something we've put a lot of emphasis on. We need to win that giveaway-takeaway battle, and obviously we didn't today. But when you look at the stats and see that we're 3-1 this year with a negative turnover ratio, I think that's a tribute to how good our team can really be. We lost the turnover battle and still came out with a big win. Just think what our season will be like when we get that turned around.

Talk about the contributions of Zach Line
Zach has been a great contributor for us. He always does what we ask him to do. He didn't practice this week with a separated shoulder and still came out and rushed for 136 yards. That should tell you how special he is. He's a good kid.

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