Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Oct. 20, 2012

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PostGame Quotes- Justin Fuente, Memphis, Head Football Coach

Opening Statement
"Obviously that was a hard fought ball game. Our kids played their tails off. In short, I think we're getting better. We're better than when we got here. We're better than we were last week, and we're better than we were the week before. We played a really good football team tonight, and we had our chances. I take my hat off to Central Florida, their coaches and their players. We just made too many mistakes to be a quality program."

On making mistakes while playing a team of that caliber
"You don't get it in on the goal line and fumble the ball on a big play on a third down conversion. It's hard to beat quality people when you do things like that. We just have to understand that we're playing hard, and at times we're playing really good football. Our margin for error is small, and we know that. In order for us to pull things like that off we don't have to be perfect, but we can't have those things."

On faking the punt and then turning the ball over
"We fake the punt and do a great job in executing it. Then we throw the ball down the field, you fear the worst thing that's going to happen is second and 10. It gets intercepted and run back for 40 some-odd yards. That was rough. We had a hard time getting over that, which made it tough. That was a big play by them. It was a big swing."

On the goal line package
"We have that package and have practiced it since the first day we've been here. We just haven't been on the goal line very much. We have about six plays that we run out of it every single week. We've only used the package probably three of four snaps going into today's game."

On the passing game
"They played base defense - keep everything in front of them. They tried to hold up in that regard, and we knew that they probably would do because they're pretty darn good. Then they started to mix up some field blitz and some boundary blitz and that kind of stuff. We tried a couple of them early and couldn't get to them because they were so soft. They really played over the top well today."

On the quarterback situation
"Jake (Karam) has got to continue to make the average play, and that's the thing we preach to him all the time. We need him more consistent on the average play. I think we'll continue to work Eric (Mathews) in there. I've been asked quite often about Paxton (Lynch). We're going to try everything we can to redshirt him. That's not set in stone and several things could happen."

On the running of Jai Steib and Brandon Hayes
"I though Jai and Brandon Hayes really ran hard tonight. Jai came to us and got hurt almost immediately in camp. It has taken a little time to get him in the groove. I can't say enough about Brandon Hayes and just his work ethic, toughness, character and dedication. He works his tail off every day."

On the physicality of the team's defense
"I think two things have happened, maybe even three. One - We struggled in the perimeter game early in the season, all the bubble screens and the key screens. I think our defensive staff has done a great job. I really emphasized that in the bye week, and I think we made large strides there in playing the perimeter game more physical. I think you see our guys believing in what we're doing - playing more physical and knocking people backwards at times. The other thing is, tonight, we could at least keep them somewhat fresh. We had opportunity for them to at least have some spring. I think those things combined have led to them playing more physical."

On how he feels about the team's play
"I think our guys played their tail off. From an emotional level and the physicality from both sides of the ball, I thought we played hard. I think our kids tried to go win the ball game. I'm not going to take away anything from what UCF and they did but we had opportunities."

Post Game Quotes- George O'Leary, UCF, Head Football Coach

About the return Dontavius Floyd to the line-up.
"I thought he played very well in the first half on that run. Other than that, I thought Memphis did a really good job of playing defense tonight. I don't think our offense was in sync all night. We made some big plays and got some turnovers for touchdowns, but give Memphis credit. I thought Memphis came out and played harder than our offense played."

About creating turnovers against Memphis.
"I think that was the difference in the game tonight. I don't think we were sharp at all in the flow of the offense in passing or running. We had some spurts there, but I think defensively we made some plays. We had some big three and outs that gave us good field position. Again, I thought Memphis fought their hearts out and did some good things, but again you can't turn the ball over, that's the big thing."

What do you attribute to Memphis' success in running the ball tonight?
"I'd say bad tackling, guys out of position and not turning plays back inside like they are supposed to. I think tackling was poor, and I think responsibility was poor. We have to go back and get it corrected. Again, give Memphis credit. I think they came out and they had a good game plan and they executed the game plan. Defensively they took some things away that we do. I did not think we were very sharp on offense tonight."



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