Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Nov. 10, 2012

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Memphis Head Coach Justin Fuente

Opening statement
I'm awfully proud of the guys tonight, awfully proud of Tiger Nation for showing up to support us. We are trying our best to build an aura about playing here, and there's two components to that -- obviously the team on the field and the fans in the stands, and I thought the fans in the stands did their job tonight. I thought they were vocal, and I appreciate them for coming out to support us. As far as the game, I thought defensively we tried to make them earn everything that they got. We tried to eliminate the big plays, and we did a pretty good job of that. Obviously, we gave up some soft underneath stuff, but really we wanted to stick to keeping everything in front of us, and breaking up and tackling and trying to get pressure on the quarterback. Offensively, we were able to get them into some run defenses because we were able to run the ball early a little bit. We made some big plays in the passing game that resulted in points, which is kind of the name of the game.

About the 4th-and-1 stop and ensuing 97-yard touchdown drive
That was a big turn of events, obviously the defense steps in there and stops them on a goal line stand. Your first goal when you have the ball on the minus one is to get a first down, and we were able to do that and got a little drive going and went the length of the field. That was obviously a big turn of events right there.

On the defensive play
I thought the played well, they played admirably, obviously this offense has put up a lot of points. That is a very good quarterback. I mean you look at what he's doing in the middle of the game, he's checking off protections, he's getting people lined up, he's kind of unflappable. He seems to me to be a very calm and poised, experienced player, and those guys are hard to play against. We really tried to make them earn everything they got, and I thought the defense did a good job keeping everything in front of them, and then kind of asserting themselves and making some plays.



Jacob Karam's big night
We were able to get some big plays, you know, and I thought Jake did a good job, he was pretty efficient on first down passing, which is when you have an opportunity to get some big plays. The interception was not his fault, or the receiver's fault. The guy undercut it and made a good play. Jake was doing what we are coaching him to do, the receiver was doing what we are coaching him to do, it's just kind of one of those bad deals. But I thought he was pretty efficient and did a pretty decent job.

Progress from game one
Well, I think the biggest thing for me is the accountability of the squad. Overall dedication to the team, and putting the team first, working every day, coming out and showing some grit and some toughness. I'm not sure that we have always had that, I don't know, I wasn't here. I just think that that element is starting to kind of grow some roots here.

Tulane Head Coach Curtis Johnson

Opening statement
"Hats off to Memphis, they came out, they played well, and they got some turnovers. I thought they did a great job tonight. Unfortunately we came out and had some turnovers and did not play our best game tonight, but hats off to Memphis they played a heck of a game tonight."

How frustrating was it to drive all the way down the field and not come away with any points?
"It's very frustrating. Usually we punch those in and we just didn't tonight. I think their defense played well, their nose guard really played well; he did a good job and kind of stuffed us. They did a good job."

What is it about Memphis that makes them a tough match up for your team?
"I think they have athletes across the board. Marcus Rucker is a pro type of football player. Duke Calhoun was here before, he was a pro guy. They got them and they will get them together, and they've struggled just like us. We just did not match up very well against them tonight."

You guys have struggled this year and this definitely was a winnable game, what are you going to say to these guys to pick them up and go forward with this?
"It's a two game season for us now. We've got to focus on the upcoming task we have ahead of us. We have East Carolina coming up. We have to look at our mistakes, you can't continue to turn the ball over, we can't continue to make the same mistakes, but we still have two games left, the quarterback has got to get his focus back. We'll get it going, our coaches know what to do and they've been good all year and I think we'll do that."

What positives do you take away from tonight?
"I think we moved the ball pretty well, we executed some phases of the games well, offensively and defensively. We had some big stops early on in the game but we could not sustain anything tonight."

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