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Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Nov. 17, 2011

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Marshall (5-6, 4-3 C-USA) 23, Memphis (2-9, 1-6 C-USA) 22
November 17, 2011
Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium (Memphis, Tenn.)

First and foremost, I would like to take my hat off to Marshall for coming in and fighting. Their backs were against the wall, but they didn't give in.

Our team played hard, and played well in spurts. There were things we could have done better, but the resolve in this team to continue to fight was very positive. But, then again, the inability to finish is one thing that frustrates you.

But, I don't hang my head low for the effort that they (the Memphis players) gave us. And I won't allow them to hang their heads either.

There were opportunities that we didn't take advantage of that could have made the difference throughout the course of that game. Not just in that last drive, but throughout the course of the game. I thought there were some opportunities for us to have an impact throughout the course of the game, but we just didn't make the plays. On winning the turnover battle, but falling short

It was frustrating. There were opportunities to make plays throughout the course of that game, but we just didn't do it. I don't want to take away from the way that they (the Memphis players) fought.

Even with the last drive when they (Marshall) were trying to run the clock out, an average team would have given up. But, our defense kept fighting and we caused a turnover at the end.

When you get the breaks the way that you did in that game, (and don't convert) it is just disappointing. We have never been a team about pointing fingers, and we won't start.

What is lacking in the fourth quarter
I think it is a number of reasons. Every game is different. I think, in this game, there were opportunities.

We were trying to throw and catch, and we didn't execute that. There were a number of passes, that if we would have reeled them in, they could have had an impact on the outcome this game.

How reminiscent was the fourth quarter, in this game, of last week versus UAB?
We were going to play this game until the bitter end. It wasn't about taking our foot off of the gas. We were not in a position to do that.

We have to play from start to finish, every single snap, every single series and every single quarter.

Our players were reminded of that, but in my mind, we knew we had to finish this game.

We just needed to find a way, particularly in the fourth quarter, to finish plays. And in this game, that just didn't happen.

What is the status of Taylor Reed?
We will know more tomorrow.

On the play of Andy Summerlin
I thought he came in and did some good things. His supporting cast has just got to help him more for us to be more productive.

On the kicking game
It wasn't just missing the extra point. We had two blocked and I think the big one was the long kickoff return.

You just can't give them that type of field position. That hurt us big time.

On not running the ball as much in the fourth quarter
The game dictates what you do. The things that Andy came in and did were pretty good. It wasn't about the play calling. They got some momentum going.

What I thought that we needed to do is something that we have needed to do for a while, and that is convert third downs.

We have to be able to convert third downs and sustain drives. We were unable to do that in the fourth quarter and I think that is part of the issue.


Opening Remarks
"It's like I told my guys, the only thing that matters is that we found a way to win and come out of here with a victory. Our guys just kept fighting. It was ugly and not pretty, but we found a way to win. We made way too many mistakes, but it feels good to come out with a victory. You've got to give Memphis credit. They're in a tough situation. But they still came out here, fought their hearts out and played extremely well."

On the conference race:
"This conference is crazy. If Memphis finds a way to beat Southern Miss and we find a way to win next week, we still have a chance to win the conference. This league is just tough. But we're glad we're still in it and have a chance."



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