Memphis-SMU Post Game Quotes
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Nov. 24, 2007

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Memphis Head Coach Tommy West

Opening Remarks
It's really great to get a win on a day we didn't play our best. We hung around and hung around and hung around and made enough plays to stay in it and got a lead. Sometimes you've got to win games like that because we didn't play well defensively obviously. We didn't play well in the kicking game most of the day. We got penalties that killed field position. We had a short punt that gave them a quick score, so we kind of just reverted back to the way we were earlier. But in the end we found a way to win the game.

I'm really proud of them. I'm really, really proud of them finishing the game. That's what we talked about from way back early in the season; finish what you started. They finished the game and found a way to win it, so I'm really proud of them winning five of the last six games; getting a seven win season. A lot of good things have happened. It's our first overtime win.

Were you surprised that SMU went for it in the third overtime?
Not really. I mean I had a good idea who was going to hold the ball. I know who I'd have given the ball to. He's kind of where we were a year ago with one win.

On the field goal going through after hitting the post in the second overtime
Sometimes you have to have a little luck too. It all evens out. I always say that. You get some breaks, and they get some breaks. In the end, it all evens out. The thing this team has done is we make our plays. We miss some plays, but this team makes enough plays to win games. That's five games now this year we've won in the fourth quarter. So it equal with last year when we went 0-5; this year we went 5-0.

Thoughts about being invited to the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl by chairman Paul Valteau
I'm tickled to death. That's where we wanted to go. We're looking forward to going to New Orleans and being a part of it.



SMU Head Coach Phil Bennett

Talk about going for it on fourth down in the third quarter.
We had guys in cramps and we had a defensive end who had that had a knocked down shoulder. We thought we had a play that we had run earlier and we would succeed. Hindsight 20-20, but I'm not sure we'd do it again.

On the outcome
It was a valiant effort, but I'm also a realist. We didn't make enough plays to win the game. They go a tackle over on the field goal and so I call a timeout. We wanted to bring from the short side because I thought we could get it because we'd already blocked one, and he misses it.

Nobody wants to hear about excuses, and I'm not going to give any. Memphis deserves the credit because they made the plays to win the game.

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