American Athletic Conference Announces Matchups

Feb. 12, 2014


The American Athletic Conference on Wednesday announced the 2014 football intraconference schedule.

The University of Memphis will play eight conference games – four at home and four on the road – during the 2014 season. The Tigers will play host to UConn, Houston, USF and Tulsa. Memphis will take on American opponents Cincinnati, SMU, Temple and Tulane on the road during the 2014 season.

Memphis will not play defending conference champion UCF nor East Carolina this fall. The 2014 season will mark the first year of American Athletic Conference competition for ECU, Tulane and Tulsa. Next year there will be 12, football-playing league institutions with the addition of the U.S. Naval Academy.

The American Athletic Conference will announce the league schedule at a later date.

2014 American Athletic Conference Football Schedule Breakdown

Home: SMU, Temple, Tulane, Tulsa
Away: UConn, East Carolina, Houston, USF

Home: East Carolina, Houston, Memphis, USF
Away: UConn, SMU, Temple, Tulane

Home: UCF, Cincinnati, SMU, Temple
Away: East Carolina, Memphis, USF, Tulane

East Carolina
Home: UCF, UConn, SMU, Tulane
Away: Cincinnati, USF, Temple, Tulsa

Home: UCF, Temple, Tulane, Tulsa
Away: Cincinnati, Memphis, SMU, USF

Home: UConn, Houston, USF, Tulsa
Away: Cincinnati, SMU, Temple, Tulane

Home: UCF, UConn, East Carolina, Houston
Away: Cincinnati, Memphis, SMU, Tulsa

Home: Cincinnati, Houston, Memphis, USF
Away: UCF, UConn, East Carolina, Tulsa

Home: Cincinnati, East Carolina, Memphis, Tulsa
Away: UCF, UConn, Houston, Tulane

Home: Cincinnati, UConn, Memphis, Temple
Away: UCF, East Carolina, Houston, Tulsa

Home: East Carolina, USF, SMU, Tulane
Away: UCF, Houston, Memphis, Temple



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