Departed Tigers Go Through Pro Timing Day

March 17, 2014


2014 Pro Timing Day Photo Gallery

Recently departed seniors from the University of Memphis football program returned to the Billy Murphy Athletic Complex at the Park Avenue Campus on Monday to take part in Pro Timing Day.

Scouts from 10 NFL teams including one assigned by ATP, which distributes results to subscribing teams, were on hand to evaluate and test 12 departed Tigers.

Participating in Pro Timing Day at Memphis were 2013 seniors Lonnie Ballentine, Anthony Brown, Johnnie Farms, Antonio Foster, Corey Jones, Jacob Karam, Jesse Milleson, Andrew NiblockJai Steib and Anthony WatsonAkeem Davis, who concluded his playing career in 2012 and went through Pro Timing Day last year, went through the circuits again this year. Davis was a free agent with Seattle during the Seahawks' mini camp last year.

Senior punter Tom Hornsey, who took part in last month's NFL Combine, did not participate in the strength, agility and timing portion of Monday's Pro Day but did punt for several scouts on hand.

The 2014 Memphis Tigers will resume spring practices on Tuesday and also have workouts slated for Thursday and Saturday this week.



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