Transcript: Fuente Press Conference

Sept. 16, 2013

Opening Statement
"Hello. Our squad has a huge challenge this week. We've got Arkansas State coming in. They are a very accomplished football team and program with really good skill players all over the place offensively from their quarterback to their running back to wide receivers. It'll be a great challenge for us defensively. They're also playing really well on defense. I think they have like six defensive senior lineman so they're a veteran crew. They only lost a couple of starters from last year's squad. Our kids are looking forward to playing back here at the Liberty Bowl. I'm hopeful that people will come and support the team because they are playing their heart out. I'm proud of them."



On the team's progression in moving towards their first win
"I think it is a progression. It's where we're at right now. We've played two really tight, closely-contested football games and came up a little bit short. We play another quality opponent this week, and we'll have to play really well to give ourselves a chance to win. We've played well enough the last two weeks to give ourselves a chance to win, we just haven't been able to take the next step."

On the play of the offense at the end of the Middle Tennessee game
"I've been beating myself up about it ever since it happened, going through my mind what we could have called and what we could have done in order to get it out of his (Paxton Lynch) hand a little quicker. We realized we crossed that threshold where they had to come after us a little bit. You always as anything in life, not just football, when things are over I think you're wise to sit back and evaluate how you would have liked to call things a little bit different."

On the play of Paxton Lynch
"We obviously didn't start the game really well. Once he got settled in, I thought he bounced back and played a tough football game. That wasn't an easy game to play in. He did some really good things. He did a few things that I think he wishes he had back. That's going to be the case. In the end, he still did enough to give ourselves a chance."

On the running game
"We got some things loosened up a little bit. We were able to run the ball and get the ball to some of our young guys. I think they settled down. Brandon (Hayes) played a pretty solid, tough football game. It was nice to cover up a little bit of their movement and speed."

On Arkansas State's offense
"They've been pretty explosive. They have operated at a fast tempo with really good skill kids. They've got a good transfer quarterback from Utah State. They give you a bunch of different looks and go fast and they get the ball in the skill kids' hands. It'll be a great challenge for us. We've got to handle the line of scrimmage, make sure we keep our eyes in the right spot in the back end and play good gap control defense."

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