Transcript: Fuente Press Conference
Go Tigers!
Justin Fuente

Go Tigers!
Justin Fuente
Go Tigers!

Sept. 17, 2012

Opening Statement

"We're getting ready to pack up and go play Duke on the road. Duke provides many challenges for us. It will be our first real road trip. They're the biggest team we've played so far. We'll have to have a great week of practice. We had a very extensive team meeting yesterday and then had a good hour of workouts."

On the team's mindset

"I hope they're disappointed. I think they are. I think they're disappointed in the way we played on both sides of the ball. We talked very openly and frankly about it in the meeting yesterday in the things I felt like we needed to do in order to play better. I felt like they accepted it. This last week, we obviously did some things that really hurt us."

On if he was surprised by the team's play on Saturday



"I was disappointed. I went through all of the emotions. I went from being mad to reasoning it out. There are also plenty of good things that occurred. Basically, I get things out there on the table with the team. I tell them what I think and how I feel."

On fixing the amount of turnovers

"There's something we do every single week - we practice ball security. We actually have a manual of taking care of the football. It's the first meeting we have in the spring and the first meeting every fall with every person that carries the football. We have drills that we do. We'll reinforce those drills and reinforce it with our scout work this week."

On the play of Marcus Rucker and Keiwone Malone

"I've been proud of not just the balls he's (Rucker) caught during the season so far but just the way he's gone about himself. I'm not too proud to tell you, Marcus and I didn't see eye to eye when we first got here. I feel like he's made a concerted effort to do things the way we would like them to be done. It's manifested itself into a great summer for him, and now he's playing really well. Keiwone didn't make it all the way through our spring but has come on and done the things we have set forth for him to do. He's got to continue to do them. I've proud of those kids in the way they've embraced it. It's been nice to see them have some success. We have to have some other guys step up. We've got to continue to scare people on the outside with another guy out there."

On how to adjust to the size of Duke

"We'll have some things that we'll try to do to take advantage of things. The facts of the matter are they're going to be a big, physical unit. We'll try to capitalize on some advantages we have or may not have. We'll definitely have to do everything we can to match the physicality of the game."

On getting away from the running game this past week

"Part of that was because we got behind. I don't want to do that. I think that you run the ball, run the ball, run the ball and throw it over their head. The big plays we had in the first half were because of the threat of running the football. The two play action balls to Marcus Rucker were because they felt like we were going to run the ball. As you saw as the game went on and we fell behind, the big plays weren't as prevalent because we just weren't running the ball as much."

On the first true road game of the season

"I love it. I want our kids to embrace it too. Sometimes it's a little easier to have focus on the road. There's less distractions. You're there for strictly business. I like playing at the Liberty Bowl and having our fans, but I want our guys to get to the point where we relish in the fact that we're the only ones there."

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