Transcript: Fuente Press Conference
Go Tigers!
Justin Fuente

Go Tigers!
Justin Fuente
Go Tigers!

Oct. 15, 2012

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Opening Statement
"We're looking forward to another great Conference USA challenge. We're looking forward to coming home and playing in front of our home fans and welcoming Central Florida to Memphis. We have a tremendous challenge in front of us this week and our kids are really looking forward to it. Central Florida is accomplished on both sides of the ball and in the kicking game. From skilled positions to defensive lineman to punt returners, they've got a pretty solid program. Our guys are looking forward to preparing to go out there and playing UCF."

On the reason of the team's loss to East Carolina
"I think it was a couple of things. I don't feel like we got lax. I think we played a really good football program in their home venue. When you go play against those types of people, if you make mistakes they make you pay in a big way. That's what happened last week. I think our guys went out and competed. I think they're genuinely disappointed they didn't play better. When you go play a quality program like that, you need to be ready to play really, really well."

On getting the team's first win and then following that with a loss
"We have to understand the process of building a program and what it takes day in and day out. I think it's important to not get too high after the successes while managing the lows as well. I try to be pretty frank with the kids. Basically, at the end of Saturday, we'll have either won or lost and we'll have to move on to the next game period. I've said it many times in this business, the best part and the worst part of this business is you don't have a lot of time to celebrate and you don't have a lot of time to feel sorry for yourself because you have to get ready to go."

On what he saw from the East Carolina game
"I think our defensive line is continuing to improve. We're starting to get a little more pressure on the quarterback without necessarily bringing pressure from the back end. I think we are doing a better job on defense in handling the perimeter game. I don't see it giving us the problems it gave us before the off week. We'll continue to emphasize that. Offensively, I think we've got some young guys that are continuing to learn how to play. We're playing at least a guy or two on the offensive line that maybe didn't play in the first couple of weeks. That's encouraging. That's giving us some depth. I think our guys are still working. I'm happy with the development of some of the older guys that have been around for a little while and I'm happy with the development of the younger kids that last year at this time were playing in high school. There are plenty of things to be encouraged about when you think about our accountability level. Our discipline level is increasing. It's an ongoing process but I think there is plenty of things from a program standpoint that if you were to look at us eight months ago I don't think we would be doing."

On if the UCF program is a model of what he wants Memphis to be
"Absolutely, I think when you look at East Carolina and you look at Central Florida, you think we can do that. We can have that atmosphere in our home stadium that they have at East Carolina. We can develop players like that to the strength level, physical level and the accountability level that they've got."

On if the Central Florida game is the biggest challenge at this point in the season
"I think so. It's a pretty solid team. They have a good program. They've been in place. They have good skill and good lineman. With that being said, I like our guys. Our guys are going to work the right way. We don't concern ourselves with anybody other than ourselves. We are playing a good opponent that will highlight deficiencies if we do not address them. Our guys are welcoming the challenges that lay ahead."



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