Transcript: Fuente Press Conference
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Nov. 4, 2013

Opening Statement
"We're excited to play UT Martin here at home. We've had a little bit of extra time to get an extra practice or two in and to work with our young guys and focus on some fundamentals. We'll have a great challenge. They're a well-coached team with good players on both sides of the ball."

On the play of UT Martin's offense
"They've done a good job of running the football. Their tailback (DJ McNeil) I think leads the Ohio Valley Conference in rushing. He runs the ball very well. We'll have to do a good job against the run game."



On the play of the defense
"I really like what I saw from them yesterday. We had a little bit longer workout on Sunday than we usually have because of the long week. We're going to encourage them to get that chip back. We've played some good people, and they've tested our limits in various areas."

On being in the game in the fourth quarter
"In a lot of ways, we should sit back and say `look at the progress.' It's encouraging to get close. It's a lot better than where we were last year. We were getting our doors blown off left and right. To see our guys continue to battle and fight, I want them to get rewarded, and they will if we can continue to take steps in the right direction. We're playing very good football teams on a week in and week out basis. We're getting close, and that's not what we're aiming for. When you're climbing that mountain, it's a tall mountain and we started at the bottom. We have to find some solace in the fact that it is going to continue to get better. I just really want it for the kids."

On having a stretch of winnable games
"I would look at it differently. I would look at it as they're all like that. There's not a big difference between any of those teams, regardless of record or where they're at. You look at Rutgers and Temple last week, you look at Houston and there's not a huge amount of difference between very many of them. I don't know if the ones at the end are more winnable than the ones in the beginning. I know where we're at is that we've been competitive in every single one of them and will probably continue that way. The question is can we find a way to get over the hump?"

On UT Martin's defense
"It's a different scheme. They're a stacked defense. They play five members in the secondary, three lineman and three linebackers. It's a little bit nonconventional. You don't see it a lot. They are some people in the country that play it. These guys obviously know what they're doing. They do a good job with it."

On quarterback Paxton Lynch running the ball more
"I think he has run the ball better. I thought last week the few times he ran the ball, he ran more conventional and with a little more purpose than he did earlier in the year. He'll run the ball when we need him to. I have been pleased with his development. There's been a couple of designed runs where he's done a good job."

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