Transcript: Fuente Press Conference
Go Tigers!
Justin Fuente

Go Tigers!
Justin Fuente
Go Tigers!

Nov. 5, 2012

Opening Statement
"We're looking forward to a great week preparing for Tulane. We're looking forward to playing at home. Tulane is a football team that's gotten better as the season's gone along. They're 2-2 in the last four weeks and scoring a bunch of points. We'll have a great challenge for us here playing back at home. Our kids are looking forward to it."

On the team responding after being down 24 points in the game
"At times we reverted back to some bad habits. I thought our effort and toughness was there but we lack some discipline at times. As for responding and trying to go to prepare and compete and win the ball game, they did."

On the team's mentality after being 1-8
"I think you have to do a good job in letting them know you appreciate their effort and work. It's not easy, but nothing worth having ever is. In order to build a program, you have to take very small steps and do a lot of hard work. The kids in our program have an opportunity in front of them to build momentum into the future of this program, and look back and say they were on the foundation of building this football team."



On the success of converting fourth downs last Saturday
"It was a little bit more manageable because we found ourselves in a situation where on our third down calls, we knew we were going to go for it on fourth down. Some of it was our ability to run the ball and play action on some fourth and short type of situations. I was pleased with our ability to execute in pressure situations."

On the play of the offensive line with two starters out
"I'm pleased with the development of some of those young guys. We're playing a couple of freshmen. We knew going in that we would have to reach deep if we had to go into our sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth offensive lineman. I think playing those guys earlier in the year is helping us now so they're not stepping out there for the very first time. I'm looking forward to getting those guys that are out back to continue to provide competition and depth at those positions."

On the running game continuing to improve
"I think Brandon Hayes has been a large part of that. He has continued dedication to the craft and continued to work hard. I think Jai (Steib) has finally gotten over the knee injury, gotten in football shape and is finding himself on what type of running back he is. I think we did some things schematically and I think our offensive line has improved. I think if you think where we came from in the spring to now, I think they're continuing to get better."

On looking at the final three games of the season
"We have program goals for the football team. Before each season, I write down the things that I want to accomplish, and they're very simple. One is for us to achieve team unity and we have done that at times. I felt like that was a going to be a key for us, taking a fairly segmented group of people and bringing them together. The other thing is to make sure we're a better team at the end of the year. I knew we were going to play young people, and I felt like those young people would hopefully play better as the season went on. Those are the things we want to accomplish. We continue to get better and we continue to come together as a program and as a team. We take it one week at a time."

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