Transcript: Fuente Press Conference
Go Tigers!
Justin Fuente

Go Tigers!
Justin Fuente
Go Tigers!

Nov. 12, 2012

Memphis vs UAB Game Notes Package

Opening Statement
"Our kids are looking forward to the challenge this week to play on the road at UAB. UAB is really hitting their stride now. I've been watching them improve the last several weeks on both sides of the ball. They've been pretty steady offensively but have gotten much better defensively. Last week, they had a huge victory against Marshall. We'll have to do a great job preparing and do the things that good programs do - go prepared to play with great emotion, great discipline and great execution."

On the UAB defense against Marshall
"They did a heck of a job. They basically dropped everybody into coverage every snap and really forced Marshall to get out of their comfort zone. It wasn't that Marshall didn't respond with good schemes and answers to what they were doing, they just weren't real comfortable with it."

On if getting back-to-back wins is the next step in the program
"I think that's part of it and playing well on the road is part of it too. If you look at UAB and the games they've played at home, they played a very good Tulsa team really close. All their home games have been really closely contested. Other teams have not played well there. I think that's part of our challenge. We've established and spoken openly about making our home stadium a difficult place for other people to play. Now I think it's important that we understand what it takes to go on the road and go win a ball game. Going to play and having the consistency to prepare week in and week out to go win the ball game are the steps that we're harping on right now."



On the progression of the offense
"At times, we've been pretty efficient. Last week, I thought the big difference was that we made some plays in the passing game that enabled us to score some points. We ran the ball or at least forced them into run defenses, and were able to capitalize a few times on their man coverage schemes. I think we're finding our footing with those kinds of things. When you can run the football, it gives you an opportunity to make big plays in the passing game. And when you make those plays, you have a chance to score some points."

On forcing five turnovers against Tulane
"Two of those I thought we just physically took the football away from them. They had possession and we took it from them. I felt like the guys started to really assert a physical nature on the football game as it went along. I felt like we became the most physical team as it went on. I think it manifested itself into some turnovers. We created so many turnovers defensively; it hid some of those same mistakes that have bit us in previous weeks. We still turned the ball over on offense, which we can't do. I was grateful that the defense continued to manufacture turnovers."

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