Transcript: Fuente Press Conference
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Nov. 25, 2013

J. Fuente

Opening Statement
“We’ve got a great challenge this week. We have Senior Day; our seniors’ last shot at playing in the Liberty Bowl. I know it’ll be special for many of them. Some of them have been here through some tough times, and some have only been here a couple of years. I’m awfully proud of them all as a group. It’s up to our team to put it upon themselves to have a great week of preparation and get ready to play a rejuvenated Temple team. Since replacing their quarterback, I think you can see just on the film a visible difference in the entire team. He is a special player (quarterback P.J. Walker). He’s going to be a really good player in this league. They have an outstanding wide receiver (Robby Anderson). Their statistics have just increased and improved since they’ve made that switch – the amount of explosive plays per game to the amount of yards per game. They have played some really quality opponents right down to the wire. Their staff has done a great job in keeping those kids playing hard.”

On Temple’s freshman quarterback P.J. Walker
“He’s a good athlete but he’s more than that. He can throw the football with accuracy. He keeps plays alive and seems to always keep his eyes downfield. Just watching the film, he seems to have provided a pretty good spark for those kids. He’s just a freshman but he’s made some huge plays.”

On what the senior class has meant to him
“We didn’t inherit a lot of older kids in the whole program. The four- and fifth-year seniors that have been through the previous regimes, the way that they have bought into what we’re teaching and what we’re trying to get done are prime examples to the young kids. The kids that have stuck it out and been here four or five years could have gone a lot of different ways. The way they handled adversity and the way they’ve worked through it and the way they’ve embraced our coaching staff bodes well for the rest of their lives. I think they’ll have many opportunities to be very successful.”

On cutting their deficit against Louisville in the fourth quarter
“I think we have a gritty group of kids, and our coaching staff continues to push and drive. Our kids are learning to compete. We’re focused on the next step forward. We just have to continue to learn to play smarter with a little more confidence and understanding.”

On quarterback Paxton Lynch running the football
“I think he has a little more confidence in him. I think he’s doing a decent job of being careful but not hurting us by being careful. He’s obviously a large person and he’s a pretty decent athlete. I think he’s starting to realize he’s a little bit stronger than he thought.”

On the progression of the team’s wide receivers
“I’m proud of Keiwone Malone. He has continued to work. We’ve continue to teach him life lessons and he’s continued to come back and keep working at it. I’ve been pleased with the way they’ve responded since the Cincinnati game. They have kept plugging away and we continue to move some guys around. I’ve been pleased with their competitiveness and their ability to stick to it.”

On the team’s progress since last season
“To me it’s ‘we are better, let’s prove it.’ When I look at Chris Schuetz, Antonio Foster and Lonnie Ballentine, we owe it to those guys to make sure we do everything we can to continue and finish on the right foot. We have a great challenge in Temple, who is much improved, combined with next week.”

On what he’s thankful for
“I have a house full of little girls and a wife I’m very thankful for. I have a loving family and a wonderful job and a wonderful opportunity to develop young people in this community, and teach them about work ethic, toughness, dedication and mental toughness - life’s not always fair but you’ve got to make the most of it. When your feet hit the floor every single day, you’ve got to make the most of that day. I’m thankful for this opportunity to work for Tom Bowen, to represent this University, to live in this community and to coach these kids.”



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