Transcript: Fuente Press Conference
Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Dec. 2, 2013

J. Fuente

Opening Statement
"I'm looking for our kids to have a great week of practice and bounce back from what was an unsatisfactory performance last week. We'll have a pretty spirited and rough-and-tumble week of practice in order to get ready to go play UConn, who has won their last two football games."

On the loss to Temple
"Temple played pretty well. They did a great job in getting their kids ready to play. They played more physical at every single position and played better than we did."

On the structure of practice this week
"I'd say it'll be pretty different. We're going to evaluate everybody this week. We're going to make sure we bring the right guys on this trip."

On the team's performance against Temple
"When you're young and inexperienced and somewhat immature, sometimes things like that happen. We have to do a great job learning from it and understanding our expectations. The silver lining is we're going to go teach from it and make sure it doesn't happen again. I think there's one thing people may say in our short time here is our kids have played really hard. We haven't always played with great intelligence or really well, but our kids have played really hard, and we cannot lose that."

On playing UConn this week
"They've won their last two ball games. They brought their other quarterback back. There are all sorts of elements that can occur up there in that part of the country this time of year. We'll have to block all that out and get ready to play. We've practiced outside in the cold. We're going to address it and talk about it. That's a fact. It's going to be chilly. Our first morning workout we had here the day I got here it snowed. We've been outside in the cold here before."

On finishing the season on a high note
"I think it's important that we play better. I want to finish strong. This game presents a unique set of challenges - coming off some disappointment and playing on the road and playing in a different climate than we're used to against a group of people we've never met. We're going to take a group of guys that are ready to meet that challenge."

On the progression of Sam Craft
"I'm really proud of Sam for a number of reasons. First of all, he's a highly intelligent young man that understands the game and enables you to do different things with him. Second of all, he's a very competitive, hard-working and hard-nosed kid. I'm really happy he's here. He's been a great asset to our team, not just on the field. He's the type of guy that when he comes in he could be around a brand new team for two weeks and it feels like he's been on the team for years. He just has an easy-going air about him but also a little bit inner-confidence that I think everybody can see."

On the last week of the season
"I'm going to challenge all of them. I'm not going to focus on one group. I'm going to focus on the whole unit. We had Senior Day and that's over. Now it's time for us to go play at Connecticut. It's going to take a group of kids, whether you're a senior or a freshman, that want to go play."

Craft Receives American Athletic Conference Recognition

University of Memphis freshman receiver Sam Craft was recognized by the American Athletic Conference as one of five players on the league's weekly honor roll.

Craft had 131 all-purpose yards and scored three touchdowns in the Tigers' game against Temple. He caught seven passes, a Memphis season high, for 62 yards.

Craft became the first player this season to score three touchdowns and the first to have two rushing touchdowns this year. He also had two kickoff returns for 69 yards including a 54-yarder.



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