Memphis Track Team Leaps in to Community
Go Tigers! 2008-09 Memphis Track and Field Team at Children's Museum of Memphis
Go Tigers!
2008-09 Memphis Track and Field Team at Children's Museum of Memphis
Go Tigers!

Nov. 12, 2008

Children's Museum Photo Gallery

MEMPHIS, TENN - Two Saturdays in October, the University of Memphis men's and women's track and field team took some time off the track and went and spent some time in the Memphis community. Head coach Kevin Robinson and his coaching staff led several members of the Memphis track team to The Children's Museum of Memphis located next to the Liberty Bowl.

"Being able to have our team involved in the community with those kids revealed a lot of the individual character of our athletes," said head coach Kevin Robinson. "We see them in an athletic setting everyday when we're pushing them and they're not always the happiest people while we're working them. When you put them in that setting you see what kind of quality of people that we're dealing with. The kids really looked up to them, the parents really looked up to them, and everybody responded well. I was really proud to be coaching that group of people at that moment. It felt really good to be involved with them."

Their goal was to spend time with some children from the Memphis community and help them out with several activities. The team hosted a karaoke contest with the kids. They participated in an arts and crafts session, and even ran through an obstacle course. Since it's an election year, it was a good time to teach the children the correct process of registering to vote and why it is important to vote. They showed the children how voting booths are set up, and how to correctly place a vote as well.

"I think they really responded well," said Robinson. "I didn't have to tell them what to do and I didn't have to tell them to go mingle with the kids. They just jumped right in with the kids and played with them. They guided them through lessons and mentored them and it was truly amazing. It was a great experience for us and great for the museum."



The athletes also helped the children recite famous former presidential speeches, taught them about past presidents, and about current issues in their community and America.

The University of Memphis track team is doing their part to give back to the community of Memphis and support the people in it.

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