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Go Tigers!
Go Tigers!

Go Tigers!

Jan. 14, 2005

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Jessica Hall

"I think our main focus was being up and playing hard defense and getting a stop. Hopefully they would shoot that shot and we would get the rebound like Raven did.

I think it came down to who was willing to play the hardest defense and who was really hungry for the win.

Jennifer Sullivan

"It was a much-needed win. It gives us some confidence.

It was a big win because we knew if we kept the score kind of low, Tulane prefers to keep it in the 60s and we prefer the 70s. To overwrite the stat and come together is good for us and we know we can do this.

Blair Savage

"Since the Charlotte game, we've really practiced certain situations, down one with so many seconds, up two with so much time, we've really been practicing that, so I think that gave us confidence that they could do it when they were out there. The bench was saying yeah, this is what we practiced. It gave them, unlike Charlotte when we weren't confident; it gave the players on the floor and on the bench a lot of confidence.

They are very good penetrators, and they didn't do that in the first half. They did the second half and we kind of relaxed defensively, which in turn allowed them to get some second and third shots because we weren't boxing out. That allowed them to get in the game. Our defense and our rebounding stepped up the last two minutes of the game and that allowed us to clinch the win.

Jessica Hall played phenomenal on the ball defense. She didn't take a lot of chances, she just played fundamental defense which allowed our other guards to deny and they got frustrated and made some sloppy passes. We got our hands on a lot of passes, even if we didn't come up with the steal, our hands gave us some momentum and confidence in the game.



It's just being a freshman, it takes some time and this is the second season and that's what I told our players. It was J-Hall tonight and maybe somebody else another night and that's what makes us very tough is they don't know whose going to step up when Victoria's struggling like she did tonight.
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